Thursday, 11 May 2017

Liking Matryoshkas and Happy Little Mother's Day

We are being asked here not to cut down the dandelions...the first food of the season for the bees. This is okay for us folks living in the country but it poses more problems in the suburbs.

This is a gorgeous short film featuring  time lapse photography of a dandelion going to seed.  I liked it very much.

And the dandelions here are just opening. Maybe the lack of sun has something to do with that.
 Below is a photo of the masses of dandelions that grew on our old property, quite pretty on the lane way.  Note, both dogs managed to photobomb this photo!

This Sunday is Mother's Day here in Canada which I understand is celebrated all over the world. Speaking of which, we got a parcel in the mail from my mother.  She sent some of her hand knit things...cowls for the daughters and myself as well as dozens of dishcloths, and knitted long socks for Hubby which he will definitely appreciate next winter. He definitely likes that.

I'm so happy that at 83, Mom can still knit and pursue so many of her favourite hobbies. When I was talking to her, she  was very happy she could still remember how to turn the sock heel because it has been a while since she last knit socks.  Mom doesn't need patterns or instructions and I just don't know how she can do that.

Honouring mothers, all the different kind of mothers is such a great thing.

For without motherhood, where would society be?? And grandmas too.  The number of grandmothers raising grandchildren just keeps growing.

I love these nesting doll sets and sadly lost a small collection of them that I had gathered from all the places I visited.
This is an original Matryoshka doll set made in 1892.  I like how the mother is wearing an apron and carrying a rooster. I have lots of aprons and I  keep thinking I would like to have chickens.

 So I hope if you are celebrating as a mother or a nana, you have a great day.

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