Sunday, 7 May 2017

I Need More Fabric

I'm plugging away at my two fabric projects, the Tuesday's Flowers, a Quiltmania free pattern and Allie's Tiptoe Through the Tulips. I switch back and forth working on them and have brought both to about the same point with the Tulips just a half stage ahead.

 I needed fabric for both for the sashings and borders and really, nothing in my collection suited.  So off to Mad About Patchwork I went and spent a happy hour chatting with Katy. She showed me on her phone her latest beautifully pieced quilt and I was so glad I recognized it as a Jen Kingwell pattern (the old brain is still working!).

Turns out Katy is a tester for quilt patterns and does this for Jen as well as other people.  The new pattern from what I could see of it as a 4 inch size looks beautiful. When we finally finished chatting about what it is like to be a quilt tester, we got down to the task of looking at fabric.

For the tulips borders, Allie had chosen a striped black and white but I thought I would exercise my love of dots and picked a black and white dotted fabric from Riley Blake.

While at it, I decided to buy the black dots on cream and the more neutral, gray dots on white. I'm sure they will be useful for another project down the line.

I was most pleased with this and the dots meant I did not have to deal with evening up straight lines like the stripes would involve.  Remember I have a crooked eye or something!

It was fun to remove the papers and give these blocks their sashings.  I intend to applique the cornerstones later.

Can I blame the gloomy indoor photos on the gloomy outdoor weather!

Getting a fabric that would compliment my Tuesday's Flowers was a much harder job.  I have so many colours and flowery prints included. I'd brought Block 1 with me and we walked all over the store searching and finally settled on the one Katy had picked in the beginning.  It's Pondcherry from French General, a print that is sort of medium in scale.

                                                  Image result for pondicherry fabric
I think it will work well as sashing...what do you think?  I like it so much so I'm really hoping it works.  Meanwhile here are a few more blocks.

Block 18

Block 6

And Block 11

While still on the topic of fabric, I am gradually building my reds...I hope some day to complete a red and white quilt.  I'd thought it would be a Dear Jane but after following several people's Dear Jane journeys which I loved doing,  it does seem a little daunting to me.  So I don't know anymore.  Any suggestions?  Presently I am loving applique. But while I was working on the Farmer's Wife Sampler, I was loving the EPP.

The colours are off in all these photos as I mentioned because of the rain.  It has been raining varying from light to heavy for the last three break. Seriously feeling fed up with the continual downpours; it's so cloudy and gloomy.
The farmers are getting worried as the ground right now is just a sodden mess with many fields bearing a couple of inches of water covering them.  And rain in the forecast well into this coming week.
Hope it is dry and sunny and bright where ever you are!

I will be happily joining the groups at the Needle and Thread Network,  Free Motion By The RiverKathy's Quilts , Quilting is More Fun Than Housework and Patchwork Times celebrating Slow Stitching Sundays, the joys of scrap quilting and the pleasure of having something on the design wall.