Monday, 1 May 2017

Shows To Stitch To

I enjoy a cup of tea usually once a day and often while I sit back at night to watch a bit of t.v. Lately that has also been my knitting time.  I have another scarf finished so two more to stitch to the orginal two, so my blanket-to-be is coming along.

I like a loose tea called Peppermint Amour from David's Tea; it is supposed to be helpful for good digestion. Don't know about that but I do like peppermint, so...

I love having an excuse to use my rubber ducky tea strainer daughter gave me a couple of years ago.

We don't have cable and rely on Netflix and Acorn for our viewing.
Here are five of the shows we are watching presently. We rotate them around and don't marathon anything though I would be inclined to do that sometimes.

Scott and Bailey has been on my list before. I love how we get to know the personal lives as well as the professional stuff about these two detectives. We were so happy when another season was added.

                                                 Image result for scott and bailey

Outlander took me a few shows to get 'into' it. As a nurse in modern day, Claire becomes a healer when transported back in time and has to use natural cures. That is an aspect of the show I find interesting. Also I'm learning a lot more about Scottish history especially as it relates to the British.


Thirteen is a British miniseries detailing what happens when a girl who was held captive for thirteen years suddenly comes home.

                                     Image result for thirteen premise

Life in Pieces is an American family comedy series...lots of familiar faces and we are enjoying the humour.

                                    Image result for life in pieces

Line of Duty is a British police procedural show that we just love.  We will be sad when this round of episodes are done.  I think this show is one of our all time favourites.

                                  Image result for line of duty

Are you watching any of these?

I'm glued to my bird cams still and the Barred Owlets are growing so fast. They are well behaved and much nicer to each other than the eaglets were.  The mother is also much more attentive especially with preening of the owlets than the eagle mother. I don't think I ever saw the eagle mom really touch the little ones.

If you are watching something you like, let me know.  I'm always looking for new shows, videos, etc.