Sunday, 30 April 2017

Slow Stitching and Baking Part 2

Last weekend I got to spend a few hours in the garden before the clouds moved in. It felt good to be back raking and checking out the growing things. I'd done a fair bit of work back in the fall so actually it was mostly looking pruned and tidy. Lots of greenery popping up but not much open yet which is a good thing because it is still very cool overnight.Daffodils must be the bravest of flowers.

I've seen so many of your lovely spring flowers it is nice to finally show a bit of colour up my way.

Here is Rex photo bombing my picture of them in the back yard, taken yesterday.

 I also spent time working on our big stone front steps.  During the winter a few edges lifted and others sank. This was satisfying work using a crowbar to hoist edges and place small rocks under to even out the surfaces. I thought the end result was well worth the effort.  But no doubt down the road we will need a mason to give it all a complete overall.

But this all cut into my stitching time!  I've been spoiled with not having many outside duties once the snow came.

My Tuesday's Flowers are moving along nicely.  Here are the last three I've finished.
I've become more relaxed with this project and I'm enjoying these last blocks a lot more.
 Getting kind words from you all has helped me feel encouraged, so thank you!

Still with papers and unpressed.
Block 1

Block 13-this one reminds me of certain types of clothes that look better on you than on the rack.  This is actually quite nice in person and shows much better than this photo of it. lol

And it got some extra embellishments in the form of blanket stitches around the center yellow leaves.

And Block 16 which is fusible appliqued so some slow stitching today making it pretty.

I've been loving my bread machine and used it this week to make Cinnamon Buns. I had bought Hot Cross Buns for Hubby during Easter which made me think I could make buns using the bread machine.  It has a dough setting which worked perfectly.

You'll notice this is not an exact rectangle. Nothing I do is perfect! In my house, the odd shaped cookie or bun belongs to the cook. lol

I have a tendency to over bake so I tried hard not to do that with these. But still I found them a little dry and in need of a big cup of tea to wash them down.

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