Monday, 24 April 2017

One Year Ago

Looking back one year

My Farmer's Wife Sampler journey was almost at an end. It had taken me through the fall and past the winter. I used freezer paper applique on about 50 of the blocks. I think I learned something new with each and every block I made. And I would do so much of it differently if I were to tackle it today.
  But meanwhile it is residing in a tote waiting for the quilting part.   I'd picked Spring on the Farm as my kind of theme so chose light and bright colours and fabrics. At this stage I was sewing the blocks into long strips trying to corral them somehow.  I'd used just the fabrics from my stash and scrap bin.

My crocheted hexagon project was underway.  Little did I know that it would be put away in a box for a few months with all the moving kerfuffle.

My Quilty 365 circles were mounting.  

And I was almost mid way through cross stitching my Floral Bouquet.

Rex, the German Shepherd had a health scare.  He had to have his spleen operated on for an infarction which healed quite well with no side effects or recurrence, thankfully.

And Hubby took this photo of me with the dogs in the field at the old place...but I didn't know then it would be the 'old' place. 

So much has happened in a year, but yet our lives are basically the same with the same daily routines.
This is so true, heh?

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