Thursday, 13 April 2017

Who's The Pretty Girl

Who's the pretty girl? asks Hubby every day.

No Hubby is not talking to me.  He is talking to Murphy, our Black Lab. Yes, the dog.  We have had a laugh about this.  We do pour a lot of sweet talk into our pets, don't we?  So Murphy is our Pretty Girl and big Rex, the German Shepherd, Rex is our Handsome Fellow.

The belief that we should live with other species is a good one, I think. I like it.

Several years ago, we hosted Hubby's cousin from England which was a lot of fun and interesting to see everything here through his eyes.  Since it was late September, he wanted to see leaves of fall and luckily we found some. But what surprised us most was how fascinated he was with looking up at the night sky and looking at the stars.  The part of England he lived in, the bright lights made it hard to star gaze.

 So every night we would bundle up, step outside our door and stand with him staring upward and thankful for a few clear  nights during his visit so he could spot all the major constellations in our part of the world.  Something we take completely for granted and shouldn't...a peaceful night sky.  Benign and beautiful.

Our night sky last week
I like hearts and I like them as a motif in quilting and cross stitch and especially in embroidery. Below is a great beginner's pattern to learn a number of embroidery stitches. It is also a great piece for the Stitch a Day sew along.

Follow this link to find the tutorial for this lovely Heart Sampler


I am a bit of a nature nerd.  I've been following the Dale Hallow Eagle cam and watched two eaglets grow up.  I am now a bit addicted to a Barred Owl live cam feed on Youtube.  The sitting mama has now hatched three little owlets. The male has been bringing this female food and she is one well fed mama. I didn't realize how much variety there is in their diet.  She has had a smorgasbord of forest offerings....a worm, several fish, a vole, a mouse, a rabbit, various birds, and a crayfish. She has eaten it all including the fur!

 I check in several times a day just to see how they are doing. To say I like this is to put it mildly.

I like this saying. I don't mind admitting that I am a complicated person though I am mellowing and shrugging off some of the stresses and anxieties that made me more complicated way back when.
And without any shred of bragging... no I am equally aware of the good qualities I possess and have easily shared in this world too.

                                       Image result for the march of time quote

Life is certainly quite a ride, isn't it.  We just don't know where it will take us.

I'll be sharing this post with lovely hosts, LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color and  Michelle at It's a Small Town Life.  Lots of wonderful likes and thankful things all over the place.