Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Leaves, Courtesy of a Gift

I have almost all my Tuesdays Flowers blocks completed and allowed myself to begin my newest project, Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Allie Oops. A very easy to follow design but very effective. And what a marvelous way to welcome spring.

This is a small wall hanging consisting of 9 seven inch blocks and the pattern is available to purchase for download at Allie's shop Allie-oops Designs .

I was late starting as I told in a post that I did not have any of the spring green coloured fabrics like Allie had used.  A reader, Pat from New York state said she would send me some, so true to her word, several weeks later a package arrived in my mailbox from Pat.  She had completely nailed the colours and I happily set about making stems and leaves.

  So generous of Pat and no, she doesn't have a blog. I know she likes batiks so I will be responding in kind.

And to be getting into my pinks is a treat for me.  I'm using freezer paper applique method and it's all coming together seemingly quickly for hand stitching.

And speaking of is a male Purple Finch enjoying sunflower seeds.  I've mentioned before that our Canadian birds are not usually brightly coloured so any change from greys and browns stands out.  This little fellow with his pretty hues is a treat to spy.

                                         Taken through my kitchen window.

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