Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Pictures of Around the House, Eating and Stitching...

Testing my new Christmas camera has been a lot of fun.
 So far I've found it takes wonderful shots outdoors but inside it is a little harder to judge the lighting.  I'm still learning how to sort that out.
Here is a little collection of random shots I've taken while trying out different settings and lighting.

Murphy relaxing close to the fire...just about her favourite spot excepting up on the bed.

A good little snack. Do you like these?

Through the kitchen window...this little guy is loving the bird feeder spills.

Early morning moon

In the Back Yard

This is the close up I tried to get of the same moon. I didn't realize the camera was so heavy with the telephoto lens extended...I just couldn't hold it up and keep it steady enough to get the photo I wanted.  Well I tried.

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese- yes who knew?

Who knew what a versatile vegetable cauliflower is! And a sneaky kind of vegetable too! Hubby didn't believe there was cauliflower in this but it was half and half. It was a very tasty casserole.
Recipe is here at the Food Network including a video showing how to make it.

Yesterday was a day for cross stitching.  After dull weekend weather we had brilliant sunshine so the lighting from the big window by my Pet Chair was perfect and my Cornwall Cottage Sampler benefited greatly.  I've rounded the corner and started down the right side otherwise known as
Section 4.

This one is a joy to stitch and so easy with such distinct motifs and so few colour changes.