Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Playing Around the Pond

Major changes have happened outside.  Last week the pond on the property looked like this. Still wrapped in snow and ice.  The heavy rains several weeks before caused it to flood its banks as well.

Now it is free of ice and snow and abuzz with lots of activity.  Frogs croaking, the peepers singing their bird like chirpy songs and birds of all description. It is miraculous really the transformation that a week has made. And water is certainly a pull for wildlife.

I spent a wonderful hour and half huddled at various sides taking photos.  Hubby thought he would have to send out a search party for me...he still remembers how I got lost on the last property. You can read my post about it titled Getting Lost Literally  if you have the time.

I took several photos of this grey squirrel, the only one I saw around the area; this was the cutest pose which he held for a surprisingly long time. The ground is still grey so he doesn't exactly stand out. What a tail!

We have seen a pair of ducks there for several days. Saturday I only saw the mallard and wondered if the female was on shore nest making. The male usually hangs close to the female. These are very wild and alarm easily (unlike ducks in city parks) so I had to take these photos with the long lens.

I watched lots of robins which we have in abundance here in Canada.

Watched four Phoebes tending two nests in that little garage you can see in the photo. I was interested because they didn't mind at all crossing paths. They seemed to be taking in food not nest materials so I think they must already have hatchlings.  From that vantage it gives them a perfect view of the large field the garage is facing so lots of bugs in the air for them and perhaps that is exactly why they are there.

They are a graceful upright kind of bird that so helpfully identifies itself by saying its own name.
I watched them flying low over the pond, making many quick short flights; no doubt wonderful insect hunting.

I went "over my boots"; got my feet soaking wet. But my time in the fresh air watching all the winged and furry things was worth it.

Hope there is something wonderful to watch but no soggy feet in your day!