Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

I love looking at various sites on the net and noting anything free that I would like to stitch myself. I usually have a list of downloaded patterns waiting in the queue so I thought today I'd share some of them with you.  Today's list is cross stitch patterns.

Gallery Ru has to be one of the premiere sites for free patterns on the web.  I am always amazed by how many lovely designs originate with them...usually the ones that catch my eye on Pinterest are from that site and in fact there are any number of Pinterest boards devoted to Gallery.ru.  However, whenever I go there I can't seem to find the Translate button and since my Russian is non-existent, I have a problem.  There seems to be patterns all over the place but how helpful they would be I'm not sure.
Just look at these lovely butterflies.  I've never worked butterflies before but how pretty would this design be.  If you go to Gallery.ru and have success, would you please let me know.  I would love to explore that site properly.


The wonderful Not Forgotten Farm is another interesting site that generously offers a bank of free patterns to cross stitch.  This is a great site to explore as they also have free tutorials and links to their Farm Shop, Youtube channel and Ebay Store all featuring the folk art and needlework of Peter and Lori Bechlin.  These are primitive type designs and I love them. And oh yes, there are also rug hooking designs.  This is just one example of the many freebies they offer for personal use.

A free owl cross stitch...owls are my favourites.  This one I tracked down at the Cross Stitching Mania blog site 2014, but you can still copy the pattern.  I must remember to share the owl cam I am following in another post.


Here is another great site to have a look through.  It is Yiotas XStitch, a small company in England also run by a husband and wife team.  They design, manufacture and sell all the products on their web site.  They use only the highest quality materials including Madeira Threads. Below is one of the free designs in the bank they offer.  The link to their site is Here.


 While there, look at the wonderful selection of kits for sale.  The designs are amazing and range from fantasy to realistic.
Here is a smattering that caught my eye.

The vibrancy of this piece is just wonderful.


Cabin by the lake
                            Village in snow cross stitch
                             Just love houses! This is called "Village at 9pm".

I came across another site that offers cross stitch kits to purchase and also generously includes a couple of pages of lovely free designs.
The site is Brooke's Books Publishing and most of the designs are the personal work of Brooke Nolan.

I have downloaded Brooke's Stitcher's Alphabet...it is adorable and free. The little squares would take no time to work up.

Image result for Brooke's cross stitchers alphabet

Y is for Yarn.  So cute.

                                 Image result for Brooke's cross stitchers alphabet                         

Brooke hosts a very busy interactive Yahoo group where she also shares free designs with her members.  In particular, I love the House For All Seasons series.
 Here you can be taken to Craftsy where these patterns are a free download.
 My favourite is the Winter house with the little cardinal on the roof top.


I'm always impressed and grateful when designers share their talent for free.
 Have you found any you would care to share?