Monday, 3 April 2017

Tuesday's Appliqued Flowers, The Hastings Panels, The Chemist

This weekend my stitching time was devoted to my Tuesday Flowers blocks.  Here are a few together on the wall.

Overall I am happy enough with them.  I like the look of them together. They still have their papers and are unironed so a little touch up here and there will be in order later on.

Block 20

Block 19

Block 17

Block 14

Block 8

All the hand stitching with applique is slow going at times but enjoyable. I am not lagging in my interest in this project though I do feel a little short on fabric choices which is my only real complaint so far.
As so often happens with me, I could do a much better job of each block if I were to redo each one. My inexact eye is a real culprit with the measuring...I wonder is it the left or the right.

I listened to and enjoyed the audiobook of The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer as I worked. Because there is absolutely no paranormal in it and it features a very smart woman, the chemist, on the run,  I only realized partway through that the author was one and the same who wrote the Twilight series. I love when a protagonist is so clever and outwits her enemies by dint of brains rather than muscle. Have you read it?

In between research on the net, I happened upon the panels of The Hastings example of what real applique should look like. This is one of the twenty seven panels that depicts a total of 81 major events in British history. Twenty-two embroiderers worked for almost a year to create them and used just about every stitch and technique in an embroiderer's arsenal.
 These people figures are so well done.  The completed work of 27 panels is, of course, a masterpiece.
If the Youtube video is accurate this is the scene celebrating John Cabot's discovery of the east coast of North America in 1497 which was called appropriately New Found Land.

Related image

And here is John's monument in Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada to commemorate that great event.
In the distance is to be found a wonderful light house and puffins galore wheeling about the cliffs. Photographers from all the world visit to capture their antics.

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