Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Flowery One

Apparently there is a Flower Frenzy happening right now. And I'm not talking about anything to do with Kaffe Fassett though we all know how much he loves the flowers and how they have inspired all his work .

                    Photo from @kaffefassettstudio on Instagram by kaffefassettstudio

I just had to show you this.  It is Kaffe's needlepoint kit called Pink Peonies and it is available at Ehrman's.  Gorgeous. I did just needlepoint for a couple of decades of my life and I just may return to it at some point.

Photo from @kaffefassettstudio on Instagram by kaffefassettstudio

I came across the 'renewal of a flowers trend' when I borrowed an Instyle magazine from the library and it made such a big deal about how flowers were so "in" for clothing this spring.  For some of us they never go "out". I remember well my Laura Ashley skirts and I still love flowers in clothing.

Shakespeare mentioned over 200 flowers in his various plays so clearly flowers have been "in" for quite some time.

When I think of quilting and flowers, another name that comes to mind is Liberty of London fabrics which use flowers more than not as their sole motif.  And they are considered timeless and classic.
                     Related image

Purl Soho offers a wonderful kit called Little Peaks to make this wall hanging featuring Liberty prints.

The kit includes absolutely everything you need to make it.  I like that.
                                           Little Peaks Quilt Bundle

I like how my hydrangea blossoms have made it through the long winter as a dried flower.

The bushes  bloomed beautifully last summer and I was so happy to read they would 'keep' inside in a bouquet.  And they did.

Now I did prune them back hard in the fall because that hadn't been done for a while.  I hope I didn't overdo.

Because summer is really going to happen this year...please tell me it is!!

Mug mat quilting is a great way to use up scraps and this little project featuring fussy cut flowers and log cabin pattern is especially suited to scraps.  This is a cute pattern I came across on Homespun Hearth but be forewarned...that site is teaming with tempting patterns, kits and what have you!

                                        a4347601f84e429c7ad54c05e577d73e.jpg (250×250):

 And in my garden this week...spring is trying valiantly to occur. Isn't it amazing how these little growths try to push through ice here literally to get to the sun.  What a delicate shade of green; I wonder what name could it be given- celery ?

Also in my garden

He's not a flower but his antics are delightful to me.  I like how this little red squirrel is so ambitious and  tenacious.  He tries this day after day and doesn't give up.  If only I had half his gumption...

If not flowers then I hope there is something else lovely in your day!

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