Thursday, 20 April 2017

Something You Have to See to Believe

I should show you where I am with my knitted scarves blanket.  I've finished three scarves and sewn them together; a fourth scarf is almost finished.  It was a relief to see this together and realize, yes it looks like a blanket (to be) and I like it.  It's destined for the spare room bed.

I used mattress stitch for joining the seams. This is a great little 3 minute video explaining how to do it.  I am so thankful for the resource that YouTube continues to be.

 Knitting is my evening project while I watch Netflix or Acorn. There are two likes in that sentence!

Daughter gave me an orchid for helping babysit grandson when she went away for a well deserved holiday.  This is my second Moth Orchid and I'd had great luck with the previous one I had; it kept blooming for a couple of years and I only lost it when I went on holiday.  I just loved that pretty pink orchid. So much beauty for so little maintenance.
My previous orchid...

  This one has the prettiest deep violet spots and lovely yellow accents.  I think for now I will do exactly what I did with the pink one.  Watering with 3 ice cubes a week and not giving any fertilizer.

Nature's Frozen Carvings

Speaking of water. This is definitely something you have to see to believe!!
 It is ice berg time in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The ice bergs break from the Greenland glaciers and two years of ocean floating later, they reach the coastline of Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.

The varied shapes and sizes are astounding.

Image result for icebergs newfoundland 2017

This one below I've read is aground so will be there for quite a while.

Image result for icebergs in newfoundland

Thousands of bergs pass through the area, what is now called Iceberg Alley and it is quite popular with the tourists, as it should be because they are the most remarkable sight. My friends are saying it is a bumper crop of icebergs this year.
So what do you make of this phenomena?  Would this be an amazing sight for your eyes?
Nature is amazing always to me.

I'll be linking this post with other lots of likes at  LeeAnna's Not Afraid of Color and the loads of thankfulness to be found at Michelle's It's a Small Town Life.  I have also bravely linked to the Knitting Love party at Underground Crafter  and Patchwork Times On The Needles. Yikes what great knitting there!

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