Thursday, 1 September 2016

Flowers, Moons, Hearts and Free Patterns

I've been listening to Floss Tube on YouTube while doing a little afternoon stitching.  I am amazed by all the cross stitchers out there posting little videos of their stash and stitching.  And all the projects some of them have 'on the go'.  It makes me feel my own little group is actually manageable.

Another of those fusible applique blocks I prepped BTM.

I decided to use a button hole stitch around the flower edges and a herringbone around the vase.

Ms Oh Sew Crafty is one of the Youtube channels I watch.  Stephanie has lovely projects she is cross stitching and beautifully, I might add, and she is a fine knitter as well.  

My wall of Moons as I think of them, is growing. 

Free Patterns

Crafts On Sea is a site with lots of free crafty stuff plus links to other free stuff.  Kate, a multi-talented lady, generously offers these designs for adult colouring.  What a popular past time that has become! And the research is is beneficial in lots of ways.   Who knew all that colouring we did as youngsters would have been so good for our minds.

I also want to remind you about this site...Make It Coats which has a bank of free patterns.  I love this free pattern with full instructions you can download.  It is called From The Heart, rated Beginner skill level.  This version was made using Tula Pink fabrics so very colourful. Hearts are a very popular motif and it is the choice of fabrics that make a simple design look outstanding.

From the Heart

Flowers, moons and hearts...sweet things.

Hope there is something sweet in your weekend.