Monday, 12 September 2016

Stitching in the Great Outdoors

Thank goodness for all the fresh vegetables in the house these last few weeks; it has made dinner ideas easy and healthy at the same time.  I have been so busy, when I have a 'down' day, I just want to sit and read or sew.
 I haven't even gotten out and about in our new little town to explore.  Soon, I keep promising myself.

We've been blessed with a lot of sunny days.
I've spent as much time on those down days as I can outside and stitching.
 The front veranda (at home I would call this the bridge) is proving to be a wonderful sewing spot for me.  With shade from the sun,brilliant light, my lap top, my ice water, and my bit of stitching, I have all I could want including pretty views every time I glance up.

 Hubby got this shot of me one day.  I can tell you I am listening to a podcast called Someone Knows Something on the CBC radio web site.  It is a series of episodes chronicling the story of the only unsolved mystery in the Renfrew County Police Department, the case of a missing little boy, 5 year old Adrian McNaughton.  Adrian wandered into the Ontario woods one day in 1972 and was never seen again.  The link is  HERE if you would like to check it out.  I thought the episodes were very well done and I especially liked the interviews with local people.

Meanwhile I haven't shown you the little sewing room for a reason.  Truthfully, it is still a bit of a mess and I haven't had the time to really go through everything and sort like it needs.  It is working its way to the top of the 'to do' list.

I want to call your attention to the white blossoms poking into the window frame on the bottom right.

Outside, here is that same bush and it is gloriously laden with huge blossoms.  It is a Peegee Hydrangea, one of the most reliable hydrangeas for blooming.

They are gradually acquiring a pinkish tinge that is so attractive.  After shaking off the ants, I'm finding them very pretty in a vase.  And with their size, you need only one for a bit of show.

Oh what I'm working on in the outdoor light is the Floral Bouquet; yes, still not finished but nearly there.  I am almost at the point where I need to hold it up to the light to see if I've missed any stitches.