Friday, 16 September 2016

States of "Done-ness" and Odd Little Creatures

If you look you will find....

I went through every single bin and tote I have in the sewing room.  I pressed all the little pieces of fabrics and trimmed the raggedy tails and sorted everything by colour.  I uncovered a couple WIP's that had been tucked away for one reason or another.  I have made a decision to bring each of these to some state of 'doneness' before beginning anything else.

Meanwhile I finished stitching another of the blocks I had appliqued last May.  It is relaxing to do this.

The colours of this block match my living room curtains so I think I'll make it into a cushion for the couch.

I saw this fellow making his way around one of the patios while I was weeding.

 I was a little shocked at its size.  It was bigger than my little finger and in these parts, we don't see caterpillars that large. And it was an unusual limey green colour.  I took a couple of photos before moving it outside the fence to the trees beyond the dogs' reach.  I noticed it had quite a grip and wasn't that easy to pick up.
  Later I looked it up and was pleased to see that it was the caterpillar of the Polyphemus Moth, also large as moths go...4 to 5 inch wing span.  Oh I wish I could see one.  We don't keep outside lights on at night so I don't know how I'd go about it.  But isn't this a beauty!

Image result

The only provinces where you won't find this moth are Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Another little visitor hanging around the back yard patio...

A gray tree frog.  I've seen two of them and it is hard to know if it is the same two as they change colour which has to be just about the neatest feature a creature could have. Not very attractive even as frogs go but I love spying them.

Speaking again of 'done-ness', I will show you the fully finished Floral Bouquet next week.  And I'll talk about my next cross stitch project, Strawberry Fields Forever by Blackbird Design.
 Oh and I'll also show you a few great finds I came across at the thrift store.  Hadn't been there in ages and was so rewarded for dropping in.

 Have a wonderful weekend!