Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Thrift Store Finds

As promised, I want to share a few charity Thrift store finds with you.  It seems I haven't had the time to stroll through any store lately, let alone take the time I need for searching second hand store shelves.  But last week I took most of one morning to do just that.

I do love transferware plates.  This one is Royal Stafford and a common design, Asiatic Pheasants.  But I liked the black and white and the middle size of it, bigger than a salad plate but not as big as a dinner plate.  Sometimes that is just the size you need.  It was still sporting a Winner's sale sticker saying $5.99 and I paid  $1.99.

A dozen quilting magazines and one quilting book that I'll show you in more detail sometime.  I can't wait for a chance to go through these and ogle the fabrics and projects.

A very pretty pink leather case. It did have a manufacturer's tag still attached and looked like it had never been used. I guess it could be used for makeup or pencils or whatever.  I love the feel of it, very soft.  I looked around because I thought it might be part of a set but couldn't find anything matching like a change purse.  I don't know yet what I'll use it for. I'm thinking it could be very handy for travelling.
And this item makes me wonder why would someone discard something so good.  I'll never understand how some of the things I see in thrift stores wind up there.

I know many people don't like to buy clothes that have been previously owned but sometimes I do, especially if it is an expensive brand name and something I've coveted as is the case with this....

An LL Bean Barn Coat in a mauve/ purple colour with brown corduroy collar and cuffs and the best part, it's an insulated coat so will be great for winter.  It looks brand new, certainly shows no sign of wear.  I looked on ebay and saw one just like mine selling for $42 US and I paid $14.98 so I am very happy with this find.  And it suits my log house! lol

When I checked out, the lady commented on both the little purse and the coat.  She explained that they don't get first dibs on anything coming in.  The rule is it has to be put on the shelf for one week and then if it isn't sold, they can buy it.  She said she was sure someone had their eye on my things. (But maybe she says that to all the customers.)

So I had a relaxing morning looking, took home a few bargains with sales helping a good cause and it all cost less than $25.