Tuesday, 13 September 2016

45, A Movie, and Harvest Festival

Why No Stitching Last Weekend

  I had to spend Saturday you-know-where tidying the greenhouse and sweeping out the barn.  Hubby had to do the mowing again and so it goes.  I brought home the gardening tools that I had stored in both places that the movers had missed.  There always seems to be more.  Like I had completely forgotten about the tall bird feeder stake on the front lawn; it was a rather pretty one with wrought iron leaves and green beads so this time I remembered to get it.

 Hope I'm not boring you to tears with these 'house' updates.
However, though dog tired, we were both in good humour leaving because "the end is in sight", at least the moving of items is.

Sunday, I had an outing with Daughter and Little Grandson.  The Lanark Harvest Festival is a traditional September gathering in this area. There were  lots of booths displaying locally grown food, honey and maple syrup and also artisans showing their wares.  I'm sure wherever you live, there are many such events staged at harvest times.

All the animals got along in this smallish pen- goats, pigs, hens, ducks and donkeys.  For a loonie, you could buy an ice cream cone full of feed pellets and feed the goats. They also ate the cone.
And Grandson got a ride on a pony which he loved. Gosh, he loves horses.

45 A Movie

We watched a movie, 45, starring Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling.   I enjoyed it very much.  It is about a couple who are just about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary when they receive news about the husband's former lover.  This is fascinating to me...the notion of the seemingly ideal marriage, the underpinnings of which are, in reality, ever so shaky.  As the song at the end says "how do we know our true love is true".
Trailer is here...

I love Charlotte and enjoyed  her roles in many movies as well as Dexter and Broadchurch more recently.  She was considered quite a beauty in her day and did lots of modelling, but did you know she is also a singer.  And her voice, that also famous sort of gravelly voice, can supposedly be attributed to lots of cigarettes smoked with the filters torn off!

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