Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Out on our Trails

Our lane way, looking slightly purple in the late evening.

One of the trails is a grassy one...

And another is through the trees.

We walk the dogs first thing in the morning and pick up the paper.  I haven't seen any wildlife on our walks and only one chipmunk lives in the front garden.  But I know they are out there...

Then breakfast...

Hubby reading the paper over breakfast.  Taken from what is becoming my "stitching chair" in the corner.  The light from the large window is wonderful for stitching.
You know what is the best part of that paragraph.  The fact that I can decide to stitch in the morning if I want to.  The joy of retirement and believe me, I am so grateful.

They had all the Sharwoods on special at the local grocery store. This is a brand I like especially their chutney so I bought a few bottles for the shelves.  I have leftover chicken from one of those store roasted chickens so it will be an easy chicken and vegetables red curry for supper tonight.