Sunday, 29 October 2017

A Christmas Start

Yes, so with the little Halloween hanging on the wall in time for the 31st, I could think of starting my Christmas project, Scandinavian Christmas, from Lynn Anderson Designs.  I am very happy to be launching into this with what I think are good allowances -time wise.

I started with something I've read a number of you are doing...namely stash shopping.  From my cupboard, I pulled out the appropriate neutral kind of shades in reds, tans and greys.  I did not go to my little box of Christmas fabrics because I know everything there is the brighter Christmasy kind of colours.   Anne, bless her heart, had included in her parcel all her leftover fabrics of the called for line designed by Lynette herself.. I had looked online to buy some of this but could not find it anywhere.  But I think I have enough including some Lynette Anderson for Thimbleberries fabric (where did that come from??) to get by.

So Block One is the one with the stacked reindeer and two chicken.  I love it and working out the freezer paper templates was easy.  A little bit of hand sewing for later in the day.

I proceeded to cutting the little churn dash blocks using the allowances written in the pattern.  It was supposed to finish at 3 inches exactly.  Mine was too big but I knew why.  I'd added seam allowance of 1/4 inch all around each piece (because I couldn't find where it mentions this) and you weren't supposed to.  But I don't care...this was good practice and I have a nice little orphan block which might fit somewhere in the piece anyway.  I suppose this is where if I was really good at measurements I would have known those dimensions would wind up being too big.

I am very pleased with the embroidery that is part of this pattern too... a bit of cross stitch and stem stitch here and there.

This is my second Lynette Anderson project.  I completed her In Full Bloom BOM back in 2013 and loved working on it.
We used it for a winter in front of the fire place at the old house to help stop draughts.  Hubby's very practical idea for the use of quilts other than on a bed. LOL
Did any of you complete this same project?

Lynette seems to enjoy using what I would call somewhat muted colours in her fabrics.

This was when I was still dyeing my hair I see. I can tell from this picture that my face is thinning as I age too, just like Mom. (If only other body parts would thin along with it !!)
 I think I looked like a different person then. LOL

Meanwhile here in 2017, I am listening to and enjoying this audiobook.  Of Jane Eryre's era and a female serial killer!  Those two points don't go together very often. 

                                        Cover image for Jane Steele

  So this is my Sunday plan for today's Slow Stitching and Listening.
 Enjoy your stitching where ever you are and whatever you are up to!

Happily linking this post to Stitch All The Things.  Host Christine has posted her cross stitched piece...Sleepy Hallow Halloween which is beautiful plus it has the most remarkable framing I think I've ever seen.  What a keepsake!
I am also linking with The Quilting Room With Mel.  Mel has a very cute mini quilt that has been chosen for display at the current Houston Quilt Market.  Her quilt consists of 106 half square triangles each only 3/4 in. finished! I am amazed by her precision...award winning in my book!
I am linking up with the rest of the Moving It Forward group at Em's Scrapbag too.
 Em is showing the beautiful Moda fabric line for Christmas called Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille.  I can't wait to see what she will make with it.