Sunday, 15 October 2017

Focus, Jocelyn, Focus

A maudlin kind of day.  Mildish but wet off and on. But the best kind of day to stay indoors, forget the gardening you had planned, and settle in with various pursuits.
 Like having a pot of soup simmering on the stove.  This is my Red Cabbage Soup, as I call it.  Really it could more aptly be termed "clean out the fridge" soup, as whatever vegetables I can find go in it.  I just start with chicken broth, an onion, lots of sliced cabbage and go from there.  At some point a can of good tomatoes goes in to make it red.
Hubby likes his a little hot so his bowl gets a swish of sriracha sauce.

Our littler grandson started Junior Kindergarten this fall.  I am so happy I still get to see him two days of the week to be there when he joyfully gets off the school bus.  It's nice to stay in contact with him however briefly.
His dad made the wonderful sign for him.

I have a small flock of these wonderful birds- bluejays, visiting one of the feeders.  They will stay with me all winter and make even more striking sights when their blue is backed by white snow.
They have a reputation of being assertive, but I have witnessed one or two give way to the mellow mourning doves from time to time.

Lots of these little guys, the white-breasted nuthatches, very busy after sunflower seeds too.

I am in love with Sophie Digards' scarves ( I think you either love scarves or not; I do).  I think hers are beautiful and I would have one in a flash if they weren't so darn expensive.  To that end, though, I am trying out a tiny crocheted block with my Debbie Bliss Andes yarn just to see if I can stitch something a little bit similar to Sophie's beauties.

However, that is just a momentary distraction.  I will be hand stitching on my Sew Spooky hanging today and yes, the blocks are all together with sashing so is officially a hanging.  Those spiders' webs are to be finished by day's end and then the quilt sandwich bit and just maybe I might get this quilted by Halloween. Focus, Jocelyn, focus!

Just look at this. I think it's lovely. You can see more of Sophie's work at this site of beautiful things, The French Needle.

Related image

Hope your day is anything but maudlin and your distractions, like mine, are beautiful ones!

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