Saturday 21 October 2017

Sew Spooky So Finished!

I waver between thinking I am useless at this to thinking there is hope for me yet.  I am pleased with my individual blocks but putting them together posed problems for me.  I won't bore you with all the second guessing that entailed but there was a lot.
 A couple of  the Sew Spooky blocks before becoming a hanging.

Here is Kitty before getting her whiskers and during the "buttons for eyes" try out.  I found this cat button in my tin.

Here is the sandwich part bristling with pins. Wound up with what looked like empty space on either side at the top and decided to put spiders' webs trailing there to fill it in.

 How to quilt it?? Decisions, decisions. I am far more comfortable with hand stitching but I know I should practise more with the machine.
That involved the darning/embroidery foot going on my machine.  And finding out that somehow I have misplaced my pressure foot holder.  How in the dickens did I do that! I'm now at the point after an exhaustive search(es) of just ordering a new one. Grrr...

I sewed trailing lines for some blocks around the appliques and went to town on circles around Kitty.

 They were fun and scary to do which sums up how I feel about free motion quilting in general.
I was surprisingly happy with the trailing lines I laid down though.
 And actually, my practice piece for pebbles was better than this; by the time I got to the actual block, my hands were tired.  FMQ is all about the hands, I've discovered.
I've deepened the shadows deliberately so you can see the circles.  Thankfully, they are not as prominent as this in normal light.

And finally taking its place in the back rogues gallery of quilt hangings where luckily the 10 foot rule applies. lol

After this week with the machine, I am eager to return to hand work and will be embroidering on my Painted Lady piece today. I am actually working on the butterfly wings which are two shades of blue and so pretty.

Late afternoon, almost sunset...the hydrangea in front of my little (but yet not so little that things can't get lost in it!) sewing room windows.

Hope you and all your belongings, bits and bobs are all accounted for!

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