Thursday, 19 October 2017

Did This Make You Smile

New to Me

I have a thing about mugs.  I just love using a mug or cup I like.  They can't be too heavy which is kind of sad because I love pottery and often those mugs are just too weighty.  They are always part of my hunt in thrift stores and Winners or Pier 1.  A surprising place I've found two mugs I really like and that is Walmart. They ran a series of Canadian items to celebrate our 150th anniversary and I really liked the mug that was part of the collection.  It is actually a deep red, not pinkish like this photo and I love that moose.  It seems very at home in our wooden house too.

I had not realized you could get turmeric in pill form.  Some may remember my phase of adding turmeric to my drinking water when it had been recommended to me for its claim to have anti-inflammatory components. It involved mixing these items-

Admittedly taking a pill seems a much easier way to get turmeric into your body.  Considered golden and not just in colour, turmeric is an interesting spice.

This was a most excellent gift for a quilter I received back in Christmas 2014.  It had an insert that came with the actual calendar and it includes all the instructions to make the monthly featured quilts.

I usually look at each month still just to ogle the pretty quilts.  This was the quilt for October and I found it useful for picking colours for the Sew Spooky blocks.  It is called That 70's Quilt and is from Kate Henderson's Strip Savvy is here if you want to check out more patterns in the book.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous,as the saying goes...

I use the biggest jar of peanut butter I can buy for the dog's kong treats. So this caught my attention. I'm apparently not the only one who keeps a tiny spatula just for getting the last of the peanut butter from the bottom of the jar.  Well just for us folks, they are making a double lidded peanut butter jar.  No more getting your knuckles full of pb smears!

This little film made me smile perhaps because I love train travel. Will it make you smile?
 I'd love to know what you think of it!

Hope there is something to smile about in your day today.

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