Thursday, 5 April 2018

Sweet, Sweet Thursday

I have had a soft resolution since January-that being to spend an hour a day outside in the fresh air no matter the weather.  I have done well with this goal and usually split the time into two walks with the dogs.  I don't know if this has helped but can safely say now the winter has passed with no illness or sinus infections.

Near the pond on Tuesday; Rex is definitely slowing down (sadly).
However, my mood took a nose dive last week and I was under a cloud for a few days.  What is that? Could it still be hormones this many years past menopause.  In my case it is not depressed exactly, just very flat and quiet. My worries and fears are pretty constant so it also isn't exactly that.
I seem to be rightening myself now thankfully which always happens, though this is a little quicker than I'm used to. Even Hubby said don't worry you'll be yourself soon.  I feel lucky that, to date, living in this body it is like that.
This gives me fresh sympathy for those who suffer with is simply an awful feeling.

All Done!
I have all the blocks of A Patchwork Year finished. I took them downstairs while I watched tv and went through each to be sure I didn't miss a stitch here or there.  I'm at a bit of a loss now for an ongoing embroidery project.

KimKat Designs on Etsy has this cardigan/kimono/robe that caught my eye. I like the idea of something well made, ageless and light and airy (and covers body parts) because really we will be getting warm weather sometime.  But on second thought, it's too chic for me and my life here at the wooden house.
 But I know not for some of you.

The Indiana Barred Owls are getting close to hatching. One of the eggs moved by itself yesterday!
Why do I love owls, I wonder. I like my owl mug, especially the amount of tea it can hold.

I am thinking of getting back into watercolours (have been for a while). I lost all my gear and have been reluctant to reinvest. However, younger daughter bought me one like this from Lee Valley Tools and I've been eyeing it sitting in the corner of the sewing room.

Image result for camera lucida

I saw these the other day and think I'd like them too.... Intense Pencils for watercolour.  Another Michael's coupon could be used for it, I'm thinking.  Their versatility intrigues me...a regular coloured pencil that transforms into watercolours with a little water and also can be used on fabric.

Derwent : Inktense Pencil : Tin Set of 24
What's stopping me from getting back into it...I don't know. I know that though not particularly talented,  I loved the process.  Anyway, it is fun to consider the possibility and have another thing to contemplate and look forward to.  Having hobbies and things to look forward to are definitely ways to bring positive energy into life...especially for those days when it is not easy to feel upbeat.

Thanks for all the pointsetta advice I got from so many of you...and this link.
Here is a pretty good article on how to keep a pointsetta alive from one Christmas to another. I will enjoy trying this out. So far, so good.

And on that note...
I keep meaning to say this; I appreciate your comments so much. ( It is a little like writing into a void to not hear from anyone.)  I have to also say a big thank you to those of you who can't comment directly on a post but take the time to email me. It is so much fun to check my email these days because of you all.
I am thankful every single day for these connections.

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