Thursday, 11 October 2018

Autumn, Tea Buns, and Quilt Blocks

A bit of gorgeousness in the midst of gloomy and somewhat humid days.  So happy to see some stints of sun yesterday however back to rain today.

But a bonus of the wet weather is all the mushrooms sprouting. I've counted 9 different kinds and was thrilled when Hubby spied this in a dark part of the woods...a fairy ring on our walk one day. It has since all but disappeared!

My autumn hanging I made in 2016 is up on the wall again. A good thing about looking at this is realizing how much my skills have improved.  This looks extremely simple to me now especially compared to the Grasshopper blocks I am piecing. I like it nonetheless and I guess it stands as a piece of my stitching history.

Speaking of Grasshopper, here are a few more blocks; not perfect but I'm handling it! I'm stitching the cornerstone blocks now and they have curved edges which soften the look.

I love a lot of stuff but an abiding one is love of pencils and pens. I'm particular about both must always be black, sort of thing.  When I saw these, I thought how beautiful can you make a pencil.  These are Backyards and Gardens of Portugal scented pencils from CW Pencils where you can find vintage and specialty pencils and like paraphernalia.

Lately, I've immersed myself in wellness videos...looking carefully at diet and fitness as it affects aging, etc.  There is so much I could do better. But then my need for baked goods overcomes me. LOL

 When I was home recently, my sister was saying baked goods such as muffins are her downfall. Like so many Newfoundlanders,  I think growing up with a mother who baked a lot, this is true comfort food for us.
 Yesterday, even though I felt out of sorts or maybe because of that, I made these raisin tea buns in just such a mood for something to go with a cup of tea. This recipe came from a 1960's cookbook by the United Church ladies of Hopeall, Newfoundland and is called Trinity Tea Buns.  It does not have vanilla listed but does call for an egg. They are good and I didn't overbake for a change.

Speaking of fitness...
Here's Mutt and Jeff (Rex and Murphy) at the end of a little run around the property...I do a walk/run kind of thing with them most days just to get our heart rates up a bit...since the three of us are about the same age. oldtimers :)

Hope your week has been a good one as spring or fall steadily progresses.
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