Thursday, 10 January 2019

Spinner Rings, Finishes, Domestic Minutiae

Why must you always be doing something?  Hubby asks me.
 He's referring to my way of getting things done.  I can't just sit and read, or watch t.v. or take a nap.  I have to have a couple of things on the go at once.  My stitching in my hands, audio book or music playing, the washing machine running, etc. But I'm not frenetic about is all done in my own, "mind my own business" quiet way.  For a guy who is generally focused on one job at a time, it doesn't seem beneficial to multitask... something loses out.

Is this familiar?
I think of how we end the night.  Downstairs, finished watching t.v., I turn off the lamps, pick up our food tray and head upstairs. I divert to the storage room to pick out a frozen chicken to thaw for tomorrow. Upstairs now, I put the dogs out, rinse the tea things, fill the coffee pot for the morning, fill the kettle, put things in the dish washer, check that the dog's water dish is full, turn on the night light in that room for them, go to our bedroom, turn on his lamp, lower the three window blinds, go back out to get the dogs in, give them the last treat of the day, make sure doors are locked, turn off the floor lamp, and for a while there- unplug the Christmas tree.
Dealing with this kind of minutiae seems to be my forte these days. Now that makes it sound negative or I'm complaining. I don't mean it that way at all.  It's just life, right.

 I am on the look-out for this book, Educated by Tara Westover. Earning a hearty 4.3 rating on Goodreads, it sounds like a very interesting memoir. Tara's first day of university was her first day of school.  Her childhood was spent in a family preparing for the apocalypse, scavenging for survival and isolated.  Yet she went on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University.

                                               Cover art

I do love it when I have a ham bone to make pea soup. Also happy to have a husband who loves pea soup as much as I do.  And the dumplings or dough boys as we called them in Newfoundland, make for hearty winter fare.  This photo is the first time I made pea soup and dough boys for Hubby back in 2011.

I got a new lamp over the holidays. We've been stumbling around in the the semi dark in the living area...part of the reason we loved having the Christmas tree lights, I think.  We have lamps, antique ones that are difficult to fit bulbs to and glow with only enough illumination to show just how dark it is!  We were in Home Depot and I spotted this one. You don't have to wonder why it belongs in Jocelyn's house.

My new ring from younger daughter...something called a Spinner Ring. I love it. And here is a link to the over 10000 spinner rings on Etsy!

So glad this is on the wall. And out of my lap!  It seems to suit a wooden house.

Replaced by my Garden of Contentment getting bound this week.  Also sides straightened up with the help of Hubby's straight stick.

It's kind of nice to revisit old work up close like this...and be happy with it.

Hope your weekend will be a good one!

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