Thursday, 18 July 2019

Camelot It's Not

I just can't tell you what a treat it is to be outside so much these days. No, as I've moaned about, it isn't perfect what with the heat a little stifling by midafternoon but I've just had to figure out how to work around it.  After all, it is only in Camelot that the weather is decreed by law to always be beautiful as Richard Harris sings to Vanessa Redgrave in this video. What a hopeful, romantic melody!
This was made all the more popular after the Kennedy era when it was learned that John Kennedy listened to it every evening and particularly liked the final lines "Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot."

Though I also think the weather is pretty near perfect in New Zealand from what I hear from blogging friends there so maybe Camelot exists!

Hubby had his 80th birthday this week which we celebrated hugely with a limousine ride to the restaurant, Lac Leamy Arome in Quebec. It was so much fun. My first time in a limousine!

And we ate a veritable feast.  After platters of meat and seafood tempura, the restaurant treated us to two trays of Creme Brulee, a favourite of Hubby's. The theme for the night was you only turn 80 once!  Of course, the real pleasure was to share the celebrating of reaching a grand age and more importantly, being thankful the life in his years has not diminished.

I received my new camera, another point and shoot and one a little more rugged since these old hands of mine are not as grippy as they used to be.  I've had fun learning its features which are much the same as the last one, therefore, not daunting and I'm pleased with the results so far.
Wild Black Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) grow all over the property (except in the deciduous wood) and each year I pick a little for one indoor bouquet.  These are so pretty and cheery.

Hopelessly Scrappy
Reclaiming fabric from old clothes is something I do from time to time. Recently I saw this shirt at a thrift store and really liked the fabric and the print.  I managed to reclaim from the pieces once taken apart, enough strips to form sashes for my Spring String blocks.   
More neutrals but the fern pattern is certainly in line with the spring theme of the project and using old clothes is scrappy too.  However, as soon as I saw these together on the wall, I second guessed my choice.  Perhaps something stronger in colour would have worked better. Groan, but I'm sticking with this.
I'll leave you with this image of one of the larger chandeliers at Lac Leamy hotel. There were smaller versions and I found them very creative and interesting. What do you think?
Well, it was quite a wonderful week and the birthday celebration continues this weekend with another get together. Very grateful for it all.
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  1. The glass chandelier is lovely. I love glasswork like that, and there's some in the concert hall in the town I grew up in. And how cool that there was enough fabric in that shirt to make your sashing! It looks great with the blocks and a super fun way to reuse. I've saved lots of old clothes to use in quilts but never managed to get enough out for real piecing!

  2. Happy 80th birthday to your hubby! What a wonderful way to celebrate him! I love the fabric you chose for the sashing and it's reclaimed! I think it makes the flowers pop!!!

    Have a wonderful week and stay cool!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet man - isn't it great that turning 80 now days doesn't mean you are old and in the rocking chair - going in a limo must have made it extra special.
    I love Black Eyed Susan's and we have them growing wild here too and I planted a lot of them.
    Love that huge art deco chandelier

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Quite the milestone. It sounds like your limo ride and dinner were a great way to celebrate. I think the recycled shirt sashing is fine. It gives a muted finish, but not every project needs to shout out.

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Sounds like such a fun evening! I think that chandelier looks like a Chihuly creation. Have you heard of him? He does amazing glass art, and installations at places like the Denver Botanic Garden, which we saw a few years ago. I like what you're doing with your neutral strings and flowers, Jocelyn!

  6. I like the sashing, not taking over from the blocks. Happy Birthday, 80 is a year away for me, what a great way to celebrate.

  7. That wasn't just any limo -- it was a S.T.R.E.T.C.H limo! Were the chandeliers real Chihuly or faux? We stayed at a Marriott a couple years that had repros. I was so disappointed.

  8. Happy 80th birthday to hubby, looks like you all had a wonderful birthday feast. Topped off with a limosene ride too, so grand! I bet it made you all feel really special.
    Your Spring flower blocks are looking great, and yes, I do like your reclaimed fabric smashing. Maybe you could bind it with some of that pretty teal you used for leaves?
    Our weather here in New Zealand is lovely some days, but it is winter after all. We had thunder and lightning recently, plenty of wind and rain too. No snow, in my part of NZ.

  9. Happy Birthday to your hubby from all of us! That looks like a very special evening!

  10. Happy birthday to your husband - that looks like quite a feast! That shirt looks like great quilting fabric. That is some crazy glass!

  11. I hope your husband had a Happy Birthday! I think your sashing looks fine. I love neutrals. It makes your flowers pop!

  12. I had forgotten about "Camelot" until seeing this reminder. I remember loving it decades ago. Now it seems very dated -- but nonetheless a wonderful movie.
    What a treat for you and your husband on his birthday.
    I like your sashing fabric but I understand the second guessing part. I do it all the time.
    I believe the chandelier in the last photo is a Chihuly piece. His sculptures amaze me but I like this style less than some of his other styles of work.

  13. Happy birthday to your hubby, we had a wonderful time by the look of things. The blackeyed Susans are wonderful. Love that glass, great shapes and colour. Your sashings look wonderful, always so good when you can recycle.

  14. I've seen a chandelier similar to that somewhere in Chicago but I don't recall where. What a great celebration for your husband's birthday. I always love to see a bouquet of flowers in a pitcher. I don't know why. Especially wildflowers. Wow, the fabric from the shirt is perfect for the quilt.
    xx, Carol

  15. Happy 80 to Hubby! Great milestone! Dinner looks like it was wonderful and the chandelier is so unique! I like your tonal flower quilt - for a change of pace!

  16. Happy 80th Hubby! Love the chandelier looks like a Dale Chihuly. Your reclaimed fabric is awesome with your flowers.

  17. What a fun BD party!Those flowers are so huge! just lovely.
    I think the sashing is a great choice in letting those flowers bloom.

  18. Happy birthday to your husband! Looks like it was a memorable celebration!

  19. Happy Birth Day wishes to your DH - looks like he had a great time celebrating. And reclaiming fabric for further use is a good thing - I do it all the time! I love the design of the shirt alongside your blocks too - anything darker would be too much I think. And that glass light - how I would love to see them making it!

  20. Your guy sure looks happy and well treated on his 80th. No doubt he is enjoying his jazzy three wheeled bike as well. I love your Black-eyed Susan bouquet! A favourite of mine and it lasts a nice long time as a cut flower. I like to pair them with wild white daisies and trailings of purple crown vetch vines. You asked how I'm coping with the heat wave. Pretty good thanks! My farm house has tall ceilings and a basement with a big cement cistern full of rainwater, so it never gets too hot and I don't even need air conditioning. These days, however, I'm running a personal (partial) nudist camp for one. Thanks for the shout out on my blog. I always read your posts even though I don't always comment. Cheers!

  21. Happy happy birthday to your hubby!! What a milestone! It sounds like a fantastic evening. Jocelyn, I really love the muted effect on your spring flowers - truly more in keeping with spring's pastels.

  22. I'm having so much trouble reading, but I can tell you had a great time! cheerio

  23. When hubby and I were married two years we moved to Walla Walla from the wet side of WA state. In those early years it was nearly Chamelot. The weather was not drizzle, the snow was snow not slush, it was so nice!

    My hubby turns 80 this week! But his medical bills prevent us from the kind of celebrating you did. We will likely just have another quiet meal at home.

    I remember meeting the artist of that chandelier, Chillhoolie (sp), t Pilchuck art school or something of that kind of name when visiting my family in WETstern WA some years back.

    I am so glad for you that you had a memorable experience and that you are still enjoying your years with each other.

  24. I really like the re-purposed shirt in your blocks. It makes for a beautiful, low volume creation. You also need to make a wall hanging from the Black Eyed Susan's photo - stunning!

  25. Wishing your hubby a happy birthday! Looks like you had a great time.

  26. What a wonderful birthday your husband had! I think the recycled shirt project is perfect. The colors for me work well with your background and the shirt-sashing. Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    Love the chandelier. I believe that is by Chihuly, a glass artist. Love his work.

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  28. Camelot is one of my favorite movies; I actually got to see Richard Harris perform it here in the Twin Cities years ago. What a treat. Limo rides are fun, aren't they? At least once in awhile. Happy Birthday to your husband; it looks like you had a grand party. Creme Brulee - yum! I like your blocks with the neutral sashing; all the attention goes to the cute flowers!

  29. Happy birthday! Isn't that fun!

  30. Congrats to your hubby on his milestone birthday! I love your up-cycled sashing--really lets the flowers shine!


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