Thursday 8 September 2022

Three Free Patterns, Hubby Better, Hand Stitching, Cloud Faces

It was a two cups of coffee kind of morning. I just didn't have my usual energy level on my morning walk and I didn't get to sit by the pond. I spied deer in time to lead Ned away. They sometimes sleep overnight down there- we see the grass beaten down in certain spots in the undergrowth of the bushes that rim the pond. I've read deer are the poorest sleepers of all wildlife as they only have their ability to run as a protection.  Here is one that had been sleeping and I managed a quick photo a couple years ago.

 Hubby was feeling under the weather last Saturday with no serious symptoms, just a sore throat and a little cough but very, very tired and stayed in bed. This continued Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  We did a phone consultation with his doctor who had his last blood test results and decided there was no need for further testing, that he probably had a mild cold. He is feeling stronger each day thankfully and while still tired, is now up and about. His throat is better but he still has a cough.  As so often happens these days, the doctor pointed out Hubby is 83 which as much as he doesn't like it, would account for less stamina to do some of the work he is used to doing. That is frustrating for him.

 Though the kindest, gentlest man, Tony is not a good patient for me. By that I mean obedient, :D.  Example...I would have him drink much more water than he is willing to. Dehydration is so common in older folks and can lead to all kinds of health problems. Anyway, I think I worried more than I realized and feel a little tired myself. But very thankful.

I did not get into the sewing room so far this week and just worked on bits and pieces of handwork. Like laying two more quilting lines on the Karnak Wall Hanging.

And finished another block of the Moda Holiday Stitch Along blocks. I will be using these in a quilted project, perhaps a large table runner.

A September side view of the garden below. Sedum in bloom if you can call it that. The serious heat we experienced this summer changed up the flowering of things. The Purple Globe Thistle hardly bloomed at all for instance. 
LeeAnna's, Not Afraid of Color, prompt this week was to look up and focus on the clouds. I had a capture taken down by the pond that immediately came to my mind. I see a face here. Do you? Good and spooky for Halloween.

Thursday's Three Free

Our fellow blogging buddy, Melisa at this post on her blog, Pinker 'n Punkin Quilting and Stitching, shared a very cute doodle design to stitch, applique, whatever. It features a house in a pumpkin... you have to go and take a look for yourself. 

And in this post Melisa shared a round up of free autumn cross stitch pattern links she called Autumn Freebie Parade. Each of them cuter than the one before. Thanks Melisa for these great links.

Auribuzz Below is designer, Vanessa Goertzen's free quilt pattern called Sunflower Power and I think it would look pretty in other colours as well. That center block would be a perfect place to showcase a fabric motif, embroidered design or small applique.

I'm sticking with the Aurifil site to show you this.  The Sanctuary SAL by Susan Ache which shared free small motifs to embroider. Though from 2020, the PDF's are still all there to download and stitch into a pretty quilt.

I think I may have shared Susan's lovely Christmas Quakers free download before. But in case I haven't the link is here to her Joyeux Noel. I love stitching Quakers as I find them easy to follow. This is just so Christmasy it gives me a lift just looking at it.

Hobbii That link will take you to 17 pages of free patterns to crochet or knit.  Everything ranging from dish cloths to blankets and many cute things in between like gnomes and Christmas ornaments. Hobbii carries many brands of yarn and crochet cotton. Presently having a September sale. (NOT affiliated!)

I'll share my best birthday gift next post. I've put it to good use already and am very pleased with it. 
Thankful me is wishing all who read this a wonderful day!


Out To Pasture said...

Glad Tony is feeling better now. So many things can sap our energy without us even knowing the cause. Yes, a definite face in the clouds. I love your photo of that relaxing but still alert deer.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like that Xmas needle work. Glad you husband is feeling a bit better. I think none of us want to admit we are getting older do we I try to keep track of my water intake by adding it to my fitbit info daily. My husband says it is just one more thing that we don't really need that "they" over estimate how much we really need to drink.
I love your garden of plants they look so pretty

LA Paylor said...

being a nurse is hard. I don't drink NEAR enough water, I'm not thirsty and beyond that it makes me nauseous. That said, I MUST begin making myself drink. I'm about to start on the fall tiny piece you showcased last week
LOVE your cloud shot... dots of clouds. Nature is a wonderful painter

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Being the caregiver is tiring, and I agree it is our worrying that takes it out of us! I'm glad Tony is better now. My mom is 91 and struggles to drink enough water, too, and I think she gets pretty dehydrated and doesn't realize it. Melisa is very generous with her sweet designs - both cross-stitch and embroidery. I've enjoyed stitching several of hers - including the Frosties. Beautiful cloud photos, too, Jocelyn - I see the face!

piecefulwendy said...

I'm so sorry your husband has been under the weather. I hope both of you are feeling more energized and rested soon. That cloud formation is quite something, and yes, I see the face! Thanks for sharing the freebies!

Sherrie said...

I really like your blog header....did you make cute.
Your garden is awesome. Our flowers seem to be growing
like weeds. One day they are just popping up and the
next they are blooming. Your quilted bag find is a great
size for taking lots of quilty stuff along while
traveling. And I love your chicken tea cosy. Have a
great day!

Susie H said...

I'm very happy to hear that Tony is doing so much better. Now you need to take care of you and drink plenty of fluids. The deer looks so sweet sitting in the field. Thanks for all the free links again. I spent FOREVER looking over Susan Ache's cross-stitch goodies. She is so talented!

Angela said...

Your stitched block is gorgeous. Love that design!

Jenny said...

No wonder you are feeling so tired, looking after a patient is hard, physically and emotionally. I'm so pleased he is feeling so much better now, a relief for you as well. I think you both need a little pampering to get over all the stress and strain.

Jackie said...

I am glad that your Hubby is feeling better. I hope he continues to get better each day.

Thanks for the free knitting and cross stitch sites, though right now I haven't got the time to look through them, what with everything ripening in the garden at the same time. I have bookmarked them though to look at later.

God bless.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So glad your hubby is feeling better. Apparently there's a really nasty cold that's making the rounds - so bad apparently that it mirrors many of the symptoms of covid. My friend had it and she was in bed for over two weeks and took another two to get over it. She tested numerous times for covid and it was always negative so the dr. decided she had the cold virus. Don't let your DH overdo! My DH turned 80 in July and has issues with getting bronchitis easily so I live in fear that he will contract either covid or that cold. Masking still and we will for a long time to come I think.
AND - happy Birth Day wishes to you. Your watch looks so pretty so he made a good choice.

MissPat said...

The cloud photo is remarkable. The face is very clear. I'm glad you can relax a little now that Tony is feeling better. Remember to take care lf yourself, too.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Your deer photo is so pretty and I'm sure glad your hubby is doing better. WOW, your side garden area is beautiful.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

It sounds like your husband is doing better. I should drink more water but I find it difficult. I tend to drink small amounts. I'm sure you're taking good care of your husband and that's a lot of work! Make sure your rest too! Thanks for the free patterns. I love that spooky cloud! I can clearly see the face.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

It is so nice to hear that your dear hubby is feeling better and you have regained your pep. I love your new header - so cute and what a treat to snap a photo of the deer on your morning walk. Thank you so much for featuring some of my freebies this week and I look forward to checking out the others. . Have a great weekend.

PaintedThread said...

Tony's symptoms sounds just like we had with covid. Took us a few days not to feel so tired. (And I'm a terrible patient, too!) Your garden is so beautiful. I have a bare patch in mine I need to fill in. I really like your stitch along block. Pretty!

Michele McLaughlin said...

So sorry Tony has been under the weather! Of course I worry about you too (not only catching it but getting overtired which you seem to be). Wishing you both the best and sending hugs. As always, thanks for the free pattern sites. Have a better weekend and get some rest!

Linda said...

I'm glad your hubs is feeling better. Husbands generally are not good patients. I'm just grateful mine is a good nurse to me when I'm sick - lol! I hope you both get stronger and stronger this weekend. Thanks for all the links to the pretty freebs! Your Christmas embroidery looks beautiful, and inspired me to pull mine out to get at it again.

Grams Jean said...

My hubby is 83 also. He's frustrated that he can't do things like he used to. Lots of dreaming of doing, but completion ... naw. Kind of like me!

Grams Jean said...

For some reason this summer I've lost most of my quilt blogs access. I found you again through your comment on another blog. It is good to catch up with you!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

It may take a few days to recover entirely, but I'm so happy that your husband is feeling better. I love the colors of your Karnak wall hanging, and the Moda Holiday block looks great! Beautiful garden, and yes, a fun face indeed in these clouds ;)
Thank you for sharing, and linking up.

Jenn Jilks said...

Good to hear Tony is better. It's been quite a week for many.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

SO glad you went out for a walk tho - and your clouds! SO pretty!
Tell the hubby to LESTIN to you haha!!! and take care of you too!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Happy Tony is better and hoping that you are doing OK and did not catch the bug. I am now getting your emails again! YEA through! I love the freebies, and the Xmas block you did is pretty - it was one that I hated doing but pushed through with all those little red circles! Hugs