Thursday 15 September 2022

Thursday's Three Free, Rare Moth, Tasty Meal, EPP Pyramids, Loving Labradors

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago in August when the fall Asters just began to bloom. If it is the Yellow Wooly Bear Moth, I would be delighted as I have seen a couple of the pretty yellow caterpillars around the property like this one I photographed in 2019.
 I watched the moth forever, fascinated with its furry like long legs and overall ghostly appearance.

Wendy at  Pieceful Thoughtsthis post shared a link to a slow cooker sausage and shrimp boil recipe that sounded delicious. I made my own version and this is the leftovers...shrimp all eaten you'll note. I used quinoa instead of potatoes for a base and used up some Roma tomatoes for a sauce, nothing too fancy. Browned the sausage before putting it in the slow cooker which helps with the flavour I read. Hubby loved it. It was the tastiest thing I've cooked in some time.
LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week was sharing a craft other than quilting that we have an interest in. I already share my "other" crafts which presently are cross stitching, embroidery and crocheting.  Perhaps improving my photography skills could be included in this too. In the grand scheme, I have a goal to return to watercolours. Sort of lost my mojo for that when all my supplies and a large work in progress... a botanical iris I was working on during a course I was taking, were lost in my fire. But maybe one of these days I'll jump into that again. I liked the brushes, mixing colours, and loved the names of the colours- Prussian Blue, Vermillion, Raw Siena, Cadmium Yellow, Payne's Grey.  Aren't they neat.

Meanwhile, my stitching fingers have been busy.  I'm early with my monthly EPP Panama Pyramid blocks done for September. Perfect nightly stitching in front of the tv.
Abbey and Petey come over every afternoon for ball playing on the side lawn. Ned begins watching for them around 3.  Here they are at the finish one day, tongues hanging out. Exhausted but very happy. 

Thursday's Three Free

Donna from Jordan Fabrics makes a pretty fallish quilt in this video called Donna's Free Twinkle Little Star Quilt Pattern.

The pattern is on the Jordan Fabrics free pattern page website you can find HERE. Loads of PDF patterns to look through. Many table runners and small designs.  Lots of inspiration. I liked this pattern called Painted Meadow
And this one, a Lone Star Hanging. I do love red, white and blue.
Kristy at Quiet Play Designs offers a free pattern of her wonderful Geo Compass Medallion design  HERE. Her generous Freebie Page is HERE.

And from Nancy at Liberty Needlework I found this cute fall cross stitch pattern. 

It seems the whole world loves pumpkins! 

I should mention that Tony and I both took the covid test while he was under the weather and they were negative. He's still struggling with his lack of energy but we agree that it is what it is for his age. He's never been what you would call super energetic- he's more a slow and meticulous kind of worker.

Hope this week has been a grand one and the weekend even better!

So grand to link with Quilting is More Fun Than Housework and Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great photo of the moth - perfect against the deep purple in the aster petals.
Three very happy dog faces - so cute!!
And thank you for the fun links - lots to explore there.

Nancy J said...

We both also did a Covid test yesterday, Hugh had a really off day, nothing I could really work out what it was. Love that free medallion design. Almost 6 a.m. here, the sky is changing to those red colours, but too many roofs and power lines to get a decent pic.And your TV project, love those fabrics together.

Libby in TN said...

Such an interesting moth! Thanks for the free links. We were exposed to Covid at church on Sunday; I tested positive today and I think Alex has it, too. Only one really bad day, though.

Jenny said...

Such happy dog, how wonderful that they get to play together regularly. None of us is happy with the slow aging that creeps up, aches and pains and all that, and worst of all, who is that old person in the mirror looking back!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love that moth! we had our covid booster's on Saturday in hopes still that we won't get it so far so good, sore arm and extreme fatigue yesterday - better today - will get the flu shot mid October hope to continue my streak of not being sick.
getting older is for the birds! so many more aches and pains as we age it is not "golden" years

Brian's Home Blog said...

That moth is something! WOW, that sausage and shrimp sure sounds good, I'm hungry again. Those happy pups sure make ya smile!

Susie H said...

Such happy faces on those dogs! So nice that they all get along and look forward to playing together. Such pretty Nature pictures. Your Panama Pyramid project is looking good. Looking forward to seeing all of the pyramids together one day. Thanks again for the free links. Have a great week!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Jocelyn! It looks like Abbey and Petey give Ned a good run and some fun times in your side yard. I'm pretty certain you enjoy their daily visits as well. Isn't it amazing how dogs seem to be able to tell the time? A friend's dog always got up and stretched at 10 am. It was almost time for the postman so he had to be ready to bark. HAHA! Happy Thursday to you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Michele McLaughlin said...

So glad you and Tony didn't have covid but it does take longer to recover after an illness when one gets older. Seeing that with my mom and neighbors. Pretty moth! Loved seeing the dogs so happy when they are playing and together! Your EPP project is coming along so well! Gorgeous colors in that pyramid. As always thanks for the free project sites!
Have a great weekend!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Such a great picture of the moth! So nice to see the dogs so happy together! I love your EPP project. It's so nice to have something to work on when watching television. Thanks for the freebie websites!

Snickelfritz said...

Seeing the Labs just makes me smile. My two Labs and one Boxador love playing ball, too. I can't go out in my yard without being accosted by my chocolate Lab, who is the real athlete of the bunch, ball in mouth, begging me to play. I just can't say no to her.

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Thanks for the links to the free patterns. The Geo Compass really caught my eye. Imagine it as the block or a medallion block in a RSC. Can you tell my brain is whirring?

Linda said...

Love the doggies, they do look very happy and sweet. I took an acrylic painting class in the 1990s. I didn't really get "into" it, but the lovely names of the colors stayed with me. I much prefer the look of watercolor but have never tried it. Your shrimp boil looks delicious, and I love the "composition" of your photo of it - the pretty placemat, the beautiful plate, the tomatoes - nice!

Maggie said...

We can get very creative with the cooking at times, we want something different and tasty. Use what is in the kitchen and it can be much better than we expected which is always good. Lots of projects and never enough time to do it all. Love the dogs coming for playtime.

Sara said...

Your Panama Pyramid blocks were some of the encouragement I needed to make some of my own. They are addictive! My version isn't paper pieced like your lovely blocks however. After seeing LeeAnna's post on Thursday I found myself thinking about what other crafts I've enjoyed over the years too. I do a little counted cross stitch. Used to do a lot of pen and ink drawing but gave that up.

grammajudyb said...

Lovely post as always! The moth and caterpillar photos are fabulous. Your photography skills are top notch in my opinion. Thanks for all the links to freebies! You are feeding my inner squirrel!! LOL

Happy dogs , happy dogs!!

Ivani said...

3 happy dogs.Great moth picture.
I have just realized that you are hand piecing the mexican pyramids blocks!
Have a great weekend, Jocelyn.

LA Paylor said...

join me in watercolors!!! jump this hurdle and enjoy all those colors. Quinacridone gold is my current fave... deep rich gold
I love my KOI travel set and have been using it for 4 years! Still going strong with paint pans almost full. Pad of mid priced paper, and you could have done a better moth than I did for my prompt as you have all the pics worthy of painting
glad you both are healing and energy is low for me at the moment too, for no reason

PaintedThread said...

Watercolor is such a pretty medium. I like your pyramid blocks. Such happy looking dogs!!

Birthe Marie said...

Great picture of the caterpillar and the moth.
So nice that the dogs play together. They look very happy. Such a great EPP hand-sewn block! Thanks for the link to the freebies! Have nice autumn days with stitching.

Judy Hansen said...

I always enjoy your blog - your moth is spectacular! I've never seen one like that. I too like his hairy legs. lol
The labradors picture is great too. My lab looks just like that after a workout playing catch. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, Hugs, Judy