Monday 3 October 2022

Rescued Quilt, "Floor Basting" Tilda, OMG, 30 Pies, Neat Ikea Purchase, Garden Finale

 On the wall now, sewn for a child perhaps...this hanging I bought at a thrift shop. I liked the maker's free style...three rows of mostly plain blocks with appliqued figures sewn over it. I thought the big eyed owls cute and the toadstool and mouse neat. Closer examination showed two pieces of fabric featuring horse backed riders in red coats. I like this primitive kind of improv style too and I'm glad I "rescued" it. Have you ever rescued a fellow stitcher's work too?

I have the fabric for the backing of my redworked birds Flight of Fancy hanging. I thought of setting that as my October OMG at the Elm Street Party. I abandoned that idea in favour of finishing my Plaid Tilda as I want to gift it at Christmas time. Flight of Fancy is staying with me. 
Anyway, on Thursday afternoon, I got Tilda all layered up on the only surface big enough here to hold her, the floor. She's 50 x 78 or thereabouts. I used spray fabric glue sparingly and a hundred safety pins. 
Oh my gosh, what a time I had doing that. I had to get up and down so much, I beat myself out. I got overheated, out of breath and feeling so tired with sore knees.  So much for thinking I am in okay shape! I recovered so I guess I'm making too much of it but it was not a pleasant experience. I don't recommend floor basting!!
It is now "in the hoop" all ready to begin stitching quilting lines this week. Here is the  Tilda's World link that shows how this quilt is put together.
Ned says he enjoyed it when I was crawling on the floor at his level -kept bringing me his toys and walking all over poor Tilda, and how come I don't do that more often!

I want to share something I saw one of you show a while back-sorry I've forgotten who. This carrying case from Ikea called Mala...$17.99 here in Canada.  It is actually a kids portable drawing case but works perfectly as a sewing kit with a handle,
and inside pockets and sections
and the neatest part- one side is a hard surface for drawing.
I bought one for 8 year old Robbie and one for myself. It seems I can never get enough ways to house my projects and stuff.. cases, project bags, candy tins, cigar boxes, etc. 

I've also been meaning to share that Megan of Knorp and South on their Youtube channel made a pie a day in September, both savory and sweet. All recipe links provided in their segment notes. 30 pies is a lot of pie but so delicious!
I've enjoyed listening to this library book of short stories, Fresh Complaint by Jeffrey Eugenides; some were read by Cynthia Nixon who has a lovely voice to listen to. 

I'll leave you today with some outdoor photos.  We've had two overnight frost warnings.
To do this week is move my inside plants back indoors. I had three planters this summer that fared well outside.  Here are the greens with the White Polka Dot plant having flourished. I'm pleased because it did not grow like this inside. 
I love how the white rose bushes keep sprouting buds this late in the fall. And they turn pink with colder temperatures 
just like the hydrangeas.
I hope this finds you thinking happy thoughts whichever season you are enjoying in this big world of ours. 


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Get thee behind me, temptation! I would love to own one of those cases but I don't need it. No, I don't.
What a fun rescued hanging - lots of great details and so colourful.
Frost here last night so I guess it's time to bring in the herbs and hope they do okay in the living room.

Nancy J said...

your flower colours are lovely, down here, cold weather warnings, saying that this will be the coldest October temperature in some places for many years, and snow to sea level ion the far south !!!
Rescuing a quilt, I have done the same with some beautiful embroidered tablecloths, heirloom quality, no doubt when the original owner passed away, and family had maybe too many. I still have the small cloth my Mum embroidered, probably in her trousseau. The linen is like new, some threads slightly fraying, maybe that needs some attention too.Op shops or thrift ones have some treasures, our local one is wonderful.

Julierose said...

I gave up floor basting quite a while ago--I know just what you mean about getting up and also getting out of breath!! Not fun!! I baste on my dining room table these days and that works fine.
Love your Tilda piece--so pretty...hugs, julierose

Jenny said...

Basting on the floor is no fun, I can second that! We dont have a great deal of spare floor space here in our small home. So I do what I can, spread out the layers, minimal pinning to hold the layers, pick it all up and spread it on the patio table outside. No it doesn't all fit on the table, but I can slide it around safety pinning as I go. Phew, I feel tired just thinking about it.
I'm sure Ned thought you were down on the floor wanting to play with him.

Susie H said...

Such pretty flowers. I have to say I think your Tilda quilt is even prettier than the flowers! "Fresh Complaint" sounds very interesting. I just requested it from my library in CD form. Thanks for the recommendation. Hope your day is going well!

Jackie said...

Wow, and I thought I was the only person who crawled on the floor to baste my quilts together. I know exactly what you mean about getting up and down so often.

Love the rescued quilt.

God bless.

Judy Hansen said...

I loved the pecan pie video, thanks for sharing it. I’ve never made one, so now I want to try it. And your little thrift wall hanging is really cute.I hope you like up with Design Wall Mondays so the other bloggers there can see your great post this week. Hugs, Judy

Jenn Jilks said...

What a job for you, on the floor! I don't think I could do it.
Happy the pup was helping. That makes such a difference! :-)

Linda said...

Oh I hate floor basting, it is exhausting and painful, but the cats love it when I do it, just like Ned - lol! Your garden plants are so pretty and look so happy. I watched Megan's video. I have a pecan pie recipe I've tweaked over the years that is very similar to the one she used, but I might try the maple syrup and browned butter. She is fun to watch. Thank you for sharing your good stuff with To Do Tuesday!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your Halloween stitching in the header photo, and the cute rescued quilt, too! I also baste my quilts on the floor, and it's not my favorite thing to do, but I haven't found a way that works better. I do hope you enjoy quilting your Tilda quilt - it's such a pretty one. I love hydrangeas - yours are beautiful!

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilt you're finishing. The only space large enough for me to baste a quilt is on the floor. I put the backing down and put a few pieces of tape down to hold the edges and keep it from moving, then add the batting and top. I also pin baste but these days I don't get on my knees. I pend over, pin a few spots, go away and so something else, then return and pin a bit more. It's usually on the floor for a day or two but no one seems to mind and my knees thank me for it.
I don't get to Ikea often but I'll have to take a look at this carrying case. It looks very handy.
Your flowers are gorgeous!

PaintedThread said...

So many pins! That carry case looks pretty cool. Mmmm... pie. Is your daughter taking notes? :-)

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your Tilda quilt. I love anything Tilda! I always hated basting. That's why I bought a longarm. The carry case is such a great idea. That pie looks so good!!

Andi said...

Great find at IKEA! Thanks for joining the Put Your Foot Down linky party.

audrey said...

Your thrift shop quilt is so fun looking. I probably would have rescued it too! My grandkids would love it.:)

Angie said...

Jocelyn - I agree you can never have enough bags for stitching projects! That looks like a very handy one! The picture of the roses is stunning! We have had a long stretch of glorious, sunny days with highs in the low 70s - but that will change Tuesday morning with possible snow showers!

K Reeves said...

I did pies about a week ago, a chicken pot pie and an apple, but not on the same day. When the girls were home we would sometimes go crazy baking pies for a thanksgiving, then have people over to share on Friday. It’s a fun memory but no way with just the two of us! I hate basting on the floor, but that’s what I have so that’s what I do. I use a towel to help my knees, at least around the edges. Love that photo of the canopy!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

This rescued quilt is so cute! I love the big eyes too, and the fun details inside. Basting a quilt on the floor is not my favorite choice either, it was not fun for you but at least it was fun for Ned ;)
This is a pretty (and useful) little carrying case!
Thank you for sharing, and linking up today.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Ned is too funny - I bet he enjoyed having you on his level - but pin basting is a LOT of work!!
Thanks for also linking up to Finished ( or not) Friday!!!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Neat plaid quilt! I bet you did hurt after playing on the floor doing the basting on your quilt! I am going to prepare a quilt for hand quilting but it is not as large as yours. I will cheat and put it on my cutting table. You be careful playing on the floor with Ned! He needs to help you! LOL,. Love the pictures! Send some of your cold air down here, I am ready for rain, snow, and WINTER weather~. LOL. Hugs