Monday, 3 October 2016

Abundant October

Welcome to October but if you are like me, you are wondering how the heck did we get here so quickly!!

Pumpkins, the leaves changing colours from green to gorgeous yellows, oranges and reds and of course,  Halloween, are reasons October is one of the most popular months of the year in our country.

One of the major pumpkin farms here has just harvested their pumpkins.  It's sad that so many of the mishapen ones (probably insects found them) are left behind in the fields.  But on the up side, this is a bonanza for the wildlife and crows.  Even after the winter, the Canada geese will be seen trolling the rows looking for leftover pumpkin bits.

When I wasn't in the sewing room I was in the garden this weekend.  Separated some of the clumps of hosta and rescued many plants that were completely overshadowed by their bigger neighbours.  It seems the spirea bushes especially like to run amok.

 Lots of brown eyed daisies were being lost from view as well as cone flowers and salvia.  I've moved them to more advantageous places but it will be next summer before I know if they will thrive in their new locations.

Both the dogs love it when I work in the fenced part of the back yard.  You can see the field of hostas here which thankfully, really is low maintenance.  I've had to pull a few weeds but that's about it.  There is lots of space for more plantings as you can time.

I wanted you to know

A lovely October CAL is being hosted by Kathryn Senor at Crafternoon Treats.  It is called the Flower Power Autumn Blanket and there is no guess work in getting started with this project.  All the information, instructions and tutorials you could need are provided.  This uses chunky yarn and could make a king sized blanket.

Flower Power blanket crochet along Crafternoon Treats

 Kathryn generously offers her pattern as a free download on Ravelry HERE and you can purchase the wool pack consisting of 13  balls to complete this pretty blanket  HERE.  There is also a chart to follow if you want to use Stylecraft DK yarn instead of the suggested yarn.

Ontario Pears, another of my favourite fruits, are being harvested presently.
 A few treats for working hard in the garden...coconut date rolls, a favourite of Hubby's, pears and walnuts.  I've found keeping a bowl of walnuts on the counter has encouraged us both to eat more of them.
 But a word about the date rolls...s-w-e-e-t!! Which is exactly why youknowwho loves them.