Friday, 28 October 2016

Stitching Show and Wisdom Nuggets

I work on my little Strawberries Forever piece in short bouts.  My eyes kind of sting a little after a while squinting, I guess that's the reason. I would love to get the border all done first because, though pretty, it is the most tedious for counting.  I couldn't resist working that little bird just to do something different.  

The Belgian linen is proving to be interesting to work with.  The threads themselves are different sizes, some thick, some skinny.  I think that makes the counting a tiny bit harder. But overall I am managing fine.

(Sorry my photos are terrible today but most were taken during all the rain we had and lighting was an issue. )
My little autumn hanging is all together!  I've had this piece of material for ages just waiting for the right project and here it is. Which proves if you wait long enough, the project will come along.  Background is greener than it looks in this photo, but the autumn motifs are cute and colourful.

 I now have my quilt sandwich and next step is the quilting.  Still thinking about that.  Lots of opportunities here to quilt in the ditch, or try some fancy stuff in each block.
 Note I used lots of pins in this phase of the piecing just like I saw Jenny at Romany Quilting do.

The kitchen island worked out great as a place to get the three layers even and straight. This part is always a challenge for me - the cutting straight and squaring up.  But I'd already given myself a talk about just unsewing and doing any wiggly bits over if I had to.  It wouldn't be so bad.  Happily, it worked out okay.

And here's what I decided to do about the centers of my little yellow flowers.  Remember I'd taken ages to make little red cloth circles only to decide they were too big.  Jean at All Points of the Compass  said why don't you just embroidery a center in satin stitch or whatever.  I did that using blanket stitch pinwheels.

My goal this weekend is to get my hanging finished and in between have done with the garden for this fall.  That last will happen if the weather cooperates.  Snowing as I write this...gulp.  Altogether too early for the white stuff.  But this won't last as warmer temps are being forecast.  

Finally, I want to share Wayne Dyer's 10 Pieces of Wisdom, a nugget or two in there for each of us. Perhaps all of them for me.