Friday, 7 October 2016

A Tour of My Little Sewing Room

I changed the photo in my header.
 Someone told me the old photo was triggering their OCD for tidiness and they hated looking at the messy assortment of spools of thread.  They were itching to fix them up.  So R., if only I could get you to visit my house; I could use your help with more than my header. LOL Having just a touch of OCD about tidiness is probably not such a bad thing (not that I am making light of OCD, mind you, not at all.)

A look round my little sewing room.  Think I mentioned already this was a nursery and an office in times gone by.  It is closest to the master bedroom and doesn't have a closet so I don't know what the original builders had in mind.

I have a hodge podge assortment of furniture...most just rejects from the real rooms.

Yes, I bought two more plastic table cloths to use as 'design walls'.

Threads, needles, other tools are in these drawers.  That's my cardboard collection in the corner. My grandmother would be proud!

The extent of my fabric stash

I keep my small ironing board on top of two little bins and handy to the table.

I love that I can keep all my crafts stuff in one room.  I didn't show you my tote tower behind the door.  But at least I know everything is there- somewhere.  I also like that I can close the door on this  when it gets real messy and no one need see it so I don't have to clear anything away (like in the dining room).  There are screens on both windows so on warmer days, a breeze can be let in and with a large overhead light, it is surprisingly bright.
I plan on moving another table in for the sewing machine and I have yet to hang some of my pictures.
So that's my sewing space.  I've already spent many happy hours there listening to podcasts and stitching and am look forward to many more.

I will be having the family here for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  I'll tell you all about that on Monday...our Canadian Thanksgiving Day which is always the second Monday in October.

Turkey with all the trimmings will be in my weekend.
 Hope there is something good to eat in yours.