Monday, 10 October 2016

The Thanksgiving Dinner That Wasn't


  I had run around on Thursday; actually went to two grocery stores to pick up everything I needed for the big feast.  I'd decided to do a Newfoundland meal...salt meat, peas pudding and cabbage along with the turkey and all the usual...mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, parsnips and sweet potato.  I wanted everything tucked away in my cupboard so there would be no last minute running out to pick up something.  So far so good.

Friday morning I didn't have my eyes open when I felt something not right.  It felt like the room was spinning.  Opened my eyes and the sensation was worse.  I was immediately very unwell.  I had to spend the whole day lying down, mostly with eyes closed, feeling weak and off balance any time I tried to stand.  I couldn't read, write or look at the internet.  It made me too queasy. I slept a lot.  Hubby hovered. In our time together, he'd seen me sleep in seldomly and stay in bed all day never. Nothing he could do as I  couldn't eat. I tried to sip water constantly because of the fear of dehydration.  I was drained and weak as a kitten by day's end.  I agreed with Hubby I'd have to go to the hospital in the morning if I wasn't seeing an easing of my symptoms.

Saturday morning and I could stand again.  The spinning room had slowed to just something like a tilted room; I could make it to the couch.  Out of!  I could move my head like a normal person.  I didn't need to go to the hospital...more joy.  I lay on the couch watching the rain drip off the evergreens and it looked so wonderful to me...beautiful even.
 I was alive (a little dramatic, I know).

 But reality set in about my big dinner.  I knew I wasn't going to be well enough in time to make the dinner, clean house, and do all the little chores you must do to prepare a big meal.  I needed to call people to tell them in time so they could make other plans.  Which is what I sadly did.  I was so disappointed because having everyone together for a big meal is one of my favourite things in this world to do.

But as sad as I was about that, I was just overjoyed that I was going to be alright.  I was so thankful that I was feeling better.  As the day wore on, everything settled down to the point where I could read again, keep down some plain rice and toast and watch a bit of television with Hubby, like normal.
Ahh, normal.

So So thankful.  Yes.

But I wonder what I had. (Me scratching my head) A weird virus, an episode of vertigo...

My cancelled dinner made me think of movies with Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner scenes; there have been some great ones.  I also thought of the famous dinner scene in Gosford Park...will never forget it.  I couldn't find a good video of the crucial moments to show you.  But I came across
 this link to wonderfully executed awkward dinner scenes in  8 famous movies. I'd forgotten the scene in Scent of a Woman.  So many good movies in this list.  Is it just me or is it getting harder to find good movies.

 Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and family.
And to all my blogging friends,  

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For being an important part of my life!
Thanks for putting up with my dotty ramblings.