Monday, 17 October 2016

Canadian Needle Nana Is Featured

I keep forgetting to mention that this blog was featured in the October, 2016 issue of Cross Stitch Collection, a UK monthly publication.  I was asked by an editor last March to do a little interview which I did.  But first I had to make it perfectly clear that I don't talk just about cross stitch in my blog, far from it. She was very kind and said that's what makes it interesting.  And truthfully, I have mentioned before that with this blog when I talk just about stitching I don't have the page views I have for lots of other topics.
The library carries this magazine here so I was able to access it through Zinio and grab this photo for you.

I went through this issue and see there is something for everyone including some lovely autumn patterns they've made into pin cushions that caught my eye.  Loads of free patterns.

So if you are new readers, welcome to my little corner of the blogging world and please do check out the wonderful blogs in my Blogs I Follow list on the right.  That's where the real stars are, I assure you.

Meanwhile...this weekend, what did I do?

I gave Hubby a haircut and decided to give myself one at the same time.  I now am sporting a very bad haircut.  I really need more practice with clippers.  Thank goodness hair grows!

I finished my little appliqued house block and really like it.  It is simplistic I know and a house has to be just about the easiest thing to draw and cut. The house itself was needle turn and the pumpkins were glued and then blanket stitched down.  Not quite done yet as I plan to work on the windows and maybe add a little path. Do you think I should do that? What else should I add?

I was able to spend a couple of hours on Strawberry Fields.  Michaels' had replenished their cross stitch fabric selection (finally, surely I'm not the only one looking for something other than 14 count Aida!) and I found a cloth in a colour I really like.  A tea dyed Irish linen in 28 count which is close enough to the the 32 count.  This will definitely work better for this pattern than that very deep deep grey.

And oh, about that.  Thank you Georgie, for the leads to cross stitch patterns in white or pale blue that would look so nice on the almost black cloth.  I have them bookmarked.

I enlarged the pattern, got out my Ott light and set to.  It was slow going and every now and then, my eyes would sort of blur but I could see the rhythm in it...two over, two up.  This is the top border more than half way done; I realize now this isn't a very big piece.  Also there are only 13 colours, unlike most of my projects that use at least twice that number, so very easy to manage.  I actually had some of the side border completed, but made a mistake so had to take all the stitches out. I'm used to that. Sigh  Pretty rosy colours, heh.

Another thing we did this weekend was have our first fire.  The wood stove insert in the living room fireplace worked well.  It not only radiated a nice heat into the room, it looked pretty while doing so.

 The temperatures are gradually slipping lower and we've had two overnight frost warnings lately.
  I'll have to launch a search for our hats and gloves; we'll be needing them any minute now.