Monday, 24 October 2016

One Thing Quilting Bloggers Have In Common And Other Stuff

What is one thing so many quilting bloggers have in common?  Besides the obvious and continual need to add to their fabric stash which I think all quilters share.  And that is exactly as the quilting gods would have it.  LOL
The answer is cats.
I can't get over how many quilting bloggers have feline companions.  It seems just about every one has a lovely little cat hiding in the fabric tote or sleeping beside the sewing machine or cuddled in a lap.  And most have a pair of cats.  Usually named very cute names too.
 When I was checking in with Nancy, one of my favourite embroiderers, I saw this and thought of all of you with your little furry quilting companions.  You would love this I'm thinking.
 It's Nancy Nicholson's  Whole Cat Family.  Follow this link to order the patterns for this adorable little grouping.
Very reasonably priced and requiring only basic embroidering and sewing skills.

Easy to make felt cat family

Browsing a couple of sites I have in my blogger reading list and I came across this.  Love this flkr page from the Maddison Historical Society as it not only shows quilts but beautiful closeups which is what I particularly love, especially if there are bits of embroidery.  I think it says the calico was purchased for $1.00 a yard from the West Indies by sending a coop of chickens.  Is that possible?  What would be a coop of chickens.  I can pick out that the fabric was first used for a dress and then turned into a quilt.
That was the way of course.  Imagine what our great- grandmothers would think if they could have gotten their hands on all the lovely new fabrics we get to use.  Though one of my great-grandmothers was quite spoiled and able to order her fabric from a catalogue.  And here I am ordering from on line catalogues.

Well used and well loved I'm sure, these half square triangles.  Imagine hand piecing them.

In order to take myself a little more seriously regarding quilting, I subscribed to the famous Quiltmania magazine. Finally the first issue arrived and it does not disappoint. Bright and brimming with beautifully photographed quilts with the patterns included for making them...I can see why so many quilters adore this magazine.  Each issue is like a keepsake and I get it now why past episodes command such very large sums on the internet.  I'll show you inside sometime soon.

Remember my Granny Stripe blanket I crocheted following Lucy of Attic 24.  It has been pressed into service on our bed.  I am glad it grew and grew to be such a size that now it can cover my queen size bed.  And heavy and warm, just right for these cooler nights.  The fact that it is bright and cheery in the wood lined bedroom is a bonus.

Yes, the weather has taken a turn towards the cold.  Yesterday I got out our sensible clothes, of the long-sleeved, knitted, fleecy, flannel variety.  My mind is drifting towards baked beans in the crock pot today.
 Tomorrow I'll show you what I made on the weekend to fill my hankering for something 'good'.

Before I leave you I wanted to share a little poetry.  This is by someone I read a lot back in the day, enough that I had acquired all his books, Ralph Gustafson.  He won the Canadian Governor General's Award for Poetry in 1974.
This is one of his shortest poems, reminiscent of Newfoundland to me and I love it.
He is greatly praised for one particular line in this poem.  Can you guess which?

At The Cliff's Edge

And so we come to this establishment,
With cows down the slope munching meadows--To sit in the sun.
Beneath the rockcliff, Tide and ocean suck the caves;
Upward across the level, sheep
 In heavenly safety graze, the rake
 And noonhour leaned against the wall.
Druid, I braid the hanging stones.