Friday, 21 October 2016

Appliqued Leaves, Apricot Leaves and Bathrobe Shopping

What would an autumn wall hanging be without leaves.  I love leaves and wanted maple leaves but my skills are not up to maple snuff just yet.  So I drew this simple hand like wavy leaf; made one in a solid colour and thought it looked too flat.  Seeing so many leaves underfoot that are multi-coloured right now, I figured my little leave could at least be two toned.  I've enjoyed sewing these four very much... working a little blanket stitch edging and chain stitch down the center to hide the join.

I have four more blocks ready for last sewing this weekend.  Then, will I really have a flimsy?
 Get on it; autumn is speeding by.  I don't dare let my mind think, okay it will be ready for Autumn ', no, no.

This is the deciduous tree closest to the house.   Its' colour is hard to describe...golden, yellowish, with some apricot sort of strands.  Yummy.  It also helps disguise the weather.  Even on a cloudy day you think the sun is shining when you look at it.

See the top of it over the roof in the back of the house.  The very top from this side is a little more orangy.

And this is the stair window leading to the basement.  Here the leaves have a light green mixed in amongst the yellows.  We did not realize how spectacular this tree was till autumn arrived.

Though I probably won't be buying in my bathrobe this weekend, I will definitely be looking.  With a couple of birthdays coming up and Christmas looming, it would be nice to be ahead of the rush for once.  We'll see.
What about you?  Do you enjoy bathrobe shopping?  The internet has sure affected a lot of our behaviour, hasn't it?

Have you read The Lake House by Kate Morton?  I'm about three quarters through and enjoying it.  Though I have not found it 'heart stopping' as the reviews would have you think.  It starts with a missing child (so many novels begin this way these days) and I have to give the author credit...the story from there is quite well developed with unexpected twists.  It is holding my attention.    

 And here is a brief clip of Kate discussing her inspirations for the novel.  So young, so talented.

There you have it.  My weekend is going to be a wet one...still raining, now up to day 3 with continual downpours.  With no attic, we hear the heavy pattering and it is quite cosy especially at night for sleeping.  But it does mean no garden work.

I am hungry for something good to eat and I can't think what that is.  I am looking at making a honey cake or a carrot and banana cake ( have four bananas I need to use up).  I wonder would that 'hit the spot'.

Hope you are not 'hungering' for anything this weekend.