Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Middle of the Night Thoughts

Woke up at 3:15 this morning...mind a whirl with thoughts.  Just couldn't seem to shut if off. Here's how the thoughts went...

wonder if I can fix the tension on my good sewing machine
Donald Trump doesn't believe in climate change
hope daughter's furnace will be okay
hope the new fabric I bought will work
should we buy bunk beds for the spare room
Rex is barking too much-is he getting dementia
forgot to tell Hubby the tire pressure light came on in the car yesterday
why is my mastercard company changing over to visa
can't use visa in Walmart
wonder when my wool will come
wonder if the rumours about Prince Philip and other women are true
 is there going to be another season of River
should I set up a second bird feeder
I should check where else I can't use Visa
time to cut down the hydrangeas
 so sorry Kaaren at Painted Quilt is ending her blog
must check in with Spinster Stitcher to see how Stewey is doing
we just don't know what's around the next corner
what will the doctor say about that vertigo episode
Michael J. Fox is doing well
don't forget to eat those fresh beets in the fridge

Oh my gosh, around and around, so many words, so many thoughts.    Haven't a clue why every now and then my brain decides this is the night for middle-of-the-night blathering on and on.
 Today 'said brain's' in a bit of a fog and I'm sitting around way too long. I'm thinking about going for a walk.

Hope you know absolutely nothing about this kind of thing.