Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Doctor Said and Cross in the Moon

I tried to get a photo of this year's Super Moon.  There were so many beautiful photographs taken.  Here is what I was able to capture with my little Sureshot.
It's kind of interesting.

Every picture showed a cross through the moon.

Some sort of aura I guess caused by the flash. Unseen with the naked eye because just looking at it didn't show it.  The night sky was very clear and with our best binoculars, I could make out the shaded portions on the moon's surface which I found entrancing. No cross of any sort. It just showed up in the camera's photos.  Anyway, I think my cross in the moon photos are intriguing.  Perhaps it was a foretelling of the weather we just had for the last two days...high winds and blowing snow totaling 25 cm.

Last Wednesday, we had our checkups with our GP and I got to relate my vertigo incident I told you all about back in October.  He was very reassuring that it was not serious and pegged it as part of a gastro virus of some kind that went through my system.  He said if it were something serious I would have been having other ongoing symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, perceptual difficulties, etc. He totally understood how upsetting vertigo is; said he had seen people with it have to crawl into ER; they couldn't stand up.  The rest of our visits was equally reassuring which is especially happy for Hubby who is a mutliple cancer survivor.
So I'm going to put that behind me for now.

Up to Saturday it was the depth of bleak November.  Everywhere the ground was browns, grays or blacks.  Some would find these views depressing but I kind of like how the earth shows its' bones, so to speak this time of year like none other. Nothing is hidden; branches bent and broken, nests and remnants of nests, all the woodpecker holes; everything visible for viewing.  Now all that is resting under a snowy white blanket.

I had to smile when someone mentioned this to me...colouring since I had said I enjoyed colouring as a girl and mentioned it again with "Shiny and Brite".  This colouring book was recommended by that reader.  I am familiar with Thomas Kinkade and how he is called the painter of light.  I know as well he has come under fire for going so commercial with his artistry.  But that very thing has made him a household name and made his work well known to so many people.  His cottages lit up for evening time are so lovely and familiar.