Friday, 25 November 2016

Winter Came Last Saturday

Gardener's Alphabet "W" block

Outside last Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday...winter arrived full force.

Schools were closed and except for the wind howling, it was pretty quiet here at the wooden chalet.  The dogs sensibly showed no interest in going outside.
 Duh, it didn't occur to either of us to put the cars in the garage.

Inside we were busy feeding the downstairs wood stove, reading, stitching (me not Hubby) feeding ourselves and watching our Netflix and Acorn. Not a bad life really.
"Strawberry Fields" benefited from the extra attention.


"Shiny and Brite" is now a sandwich.

And I made Lumberjack Cake. I thought it was a fitting treat, sort of stuck as we were in our little woods with the snow swirling all around us like some northern lumber camp.
The recipe came from a kind Margaret in response to my writing that I wanted something good to eat and couldn't think of anything.  She patiently wrote out the recipe in a comment to the post and you can find that recipe for yourself by going HERE.
The cake is delicious and real comfort style food.

It required a surprising amount of fruit including dates.  Delicious.

The perfect cake with a cup of tea, perfect on a snowy late November day.