Sunday, 20 November 2016

Old Place, Goodbye

We finally made the decision to try to sell the old property.  We'd been tossing around so many options and with winter maintenance facing us, decided to give selling it a try. After all, if it took all winter, so what, we had nothing to lose we figured.
Here is a short little video the real estate agent made.  I want you to note those woods behind the house; that's where I got lost for 90 minutes that time, remember?  You get some idea of how dense it is back there.

Anyway, it worked because the property sold in less than 2 weeks and it seemed we had lots of options for buyers.  The buyers are a young couple with children which couldn't have pleased us more.  Children have never lived there which I always thought a shame as it's such a wonderful place for them to explore, keep animals, climb trees and grow things. They will inject new life into the place and have the necessary energy to maintain and enjoy all the property has to offer.

I still walk through the rooms sometimes in my mind.  I spent so many enjoyable hours sitting stitching in the living room with an  eye to the bird feeder just outside the window. I always had  my breakfast coffee in front of the kitchen woodstove, the coziest spot on a winter morning.  I loved all the outdoor time spent on the woods trails and spying all the little creatures.
I am so happy to have started this blog while living meant I took lots of photos and recorded things I might never have done.  I'll always have that.