Friday, 4 November 2016

Something to Look Forward To...Always

We stitchers have so much to live for.  Besides the obvious-family, loved ones, friends, we have that lovely stash of fabrics, yarn, patterns, kits, etc. that no way are we giving up on.  I'm thinking stitchers are the most contented people on the planet.  We always have something to look forward to...the next quilt pattern, knit or crochet project, the next design from a favourite designer, the next fabric/yarn/cross stitch shop to check out. And the internet, whew! how that has enhanced our searching pleasure and enjoyment.  Our favourite blogs to check out; Pinterest to troll.
 That 'having something to look forward to' in this life is a very important gift we share.
  Our stitching world is like our secret weapon against the hurdles life puts in our path, I think.

And in my stitching world this week, my little autumn hanging is finished and hanging in the hallway.

It's hard to get a shot around here without a dog's front or back in the frame.  Rex is still my constant companion.  If I move, he moves with me.

Here I was working on the border piece.  It is all set up and doesn't it give the look of efficiency like this person knows what she is doing.

The best part about making this hanging was learning to use another part of the sewing machine-the walking foot.  It proved to be a wonderful little tool once I'd figured out how to attach it ( with Hubby's help).  I hope to use it often and soon.

I also used these little clips Daughter had given me.  They were extremely useful for holding the edges without the bother of pins.  I highly recommend them.

I have already pulled out my next UFO that I am determined to finish completely this year. It is a Christmas wreath I embroidered last fall in the days leading up to December 25, a design from Crabapple Hill Studio called Shiny and Brite.  I hope to complete the border for it with patchwork blocks in Christmas fabrics.  To that end, here is my choice of materials...I don't have much but this will do.  More about this project later.

Meanwhile my Strawberry Fields is steadily advancing.  I am so pleased that my 2.75 reading glasses and my OttLite are working in my favour.  All the advance whining was really for nothing it seems.

Below, the view from my kitchen window one day two weeks ago.  Of course the snow has completely disappeared.  It was 20 degrees C today and raining tonight.  But it's out there.

Hope all is calm and contented in your stitchy world this weekend.