Monday, 7 November 2016

Window on My Weekend

At the supermarket on Thursday made me wonder how people with big families can afford to eat.  I didn't have that much, three bags, but it was just under $200.  Not one piece of meat in the lot, mostly fresh vegetables and fruits.  Which is kind of sad; we are told over and over to eat vegetables and fruits and yet, they are so expensive.
When I told Hubby what I'd spent, he said, what have you got in there, gold?
  I asked at the butcher dept. for turkey necks.  I had the yearning to make homemade soup and turkey necks always add so much flavour to any soup mixture.  The young lad kept saying you mean legs, turkey legs.  I guess no one else has ever asked for necks before.  Anyway, carrots were on for a wonderful price, a five pound bag for $3.99 so carrot soup it would be.

A quick catch you up with my Strawberry Fields piece.  Advancing nicely thanks to several quiet hours stitching on the weekend.  It is much easier to stitch than the last, Floral Bouquet, despite the difference in thread count.  There are far fewer colour changes and this makes stitching very straight forward.

Our clocks went back on Saturday night. It will mean brighter mornings but darkness will fall much earlier in the afternoon which people seem to universally dislike. Everyone wonders why we still have this Daylight Saving Time.  

I have several of these quilting magazines from the library, the Fons and Porter Quilty. I like how they have the full patterns for 10 or so quilting projects in each issue.

This one project caught my eye.  The triangles spell out "I love you" in braille.  Isn't that neat and the use of a dotted material so appropriate.

I enjoyed a day out with younger daughter on Saturday.  We took in a local church fall sale and tea, served by the international students at the local high school earning volunteering points.
  There we had a great chat with a lady who not only hooks rugs, but dyes the material she uses.  It sounds like it could be a very economical craft because all kinds of materials can be pressed into service from old tee shirts and sheets to bits of yarn.  I was very interested as both my grandmothers hooked rugs in their day and this is still a popular past time at home.  Here is a little kit you can buy to hook your own rug, or in this case, wall hanging.  It's available from Tides Point, a company specializing in Newfoundland traditional crafts.

                         Rug Kit - House with Clothes Line

  Then we went to see the movie, Dr. Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  He was wonderful, of course. Are you a fan?  The movie special effects were spectacular; breath-taking really.  This is where the big screen is at its best.  The basic premise of mind over matter is a fascinating concept to me.  I also got a kick out of hearing the wise Ancient One played by the equally wonderful Tilda Swinton, sound like Eckhart Tolle when talking about how everything in life changes when you take your own ego out of the situation.  I wonder what would psychiatrists say about all those ego subtraction ideas.

All good fun.