Sunday, 10 February 2019

Wise Words, Mellow Sunday Doings

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I've had this in my online notebook for quite a long time.
I don't pick a resolution or a word for the year- usually. But I will keep rereading this as a reminder of how to cope sometimes. This saying represents the deliberate turning away from the awfulness and bad news we seem to be bombarded with these days. Choosing to focus on and keep enjoying the wonderful, the sweet, the unique, the pretty, no matter how small is how I aim to keep it because there is still good in the world; we must never lose sight of that.   According to how old this verse is, it's a reminder we have always needed.
And it's one of the reasons I joined Not Afraid of Color for the Thursday I Like posts celebrating the little and the large in our days to enjoy.

I'm having a mellow Sunday back home again. A weak winter sun is trying to fill the skies but it is bright nonetheless.
Just added this lovely cello piece to my YouTube music list. I find a cello sound a haunting sound.

Allie at  Allie Oops Sweet Happy Life has been drawing and embroidering very sweet little designs and offering them for free at the Allie Oops Design Facebook Group.  Each has an inspirational message, for instance Block 2 is be healed.  Check it out.

In line with doing our own tiny things for the environment-- are you familiar with Arne and Carlos, the two knitting Norwegians? I had their book about how to knit Christmas ball decorations from the library a few years ago and there is a YouTube video of that too.
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  Anyway, they have made a video of how to knit a tote bag for grocery shopping. More and more stores here are wanting you to bring your own bags and praise be, I'm actually starting to remember to bring mine in from the car!  These guys are amusing.

On the wall- my Bonhommes en Chapeaux 
Still have a few more bits to add and I keep auditioning fabrics to use for borders- with multicoloured polka dots on that background there is a lot of choice.  I'm a little hampered too because my tendancy is to use just scraps for all of this.  Cutting into a fat quarter for just a tiny bit is hard for me to do.

More hand stitching, dog walking and a treat of takeout Indian food for idea of a perfect day.  Would it be yours too?
Also perfect is linking up with Kathy's Quilts, Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Sew Can She, Cooking Up Quilts, Quilting is More Fun Than HouseworkFree Motion by the River and Love Laugh Quilt.


  1. I love your snowman quilt! they all look so happy! Yo-Yo Ma was nice to listen to - takeout would be perfect but living out in the country I have to go get it!!

  2. Love the stitching and love everything about being mellow too!

  3. Such a happy bunch of little snow men, they look wonderful. It's great that they are all made from bits hanging about too.

  4. Ooh, hurray, you've changed from Google+ so I can comment again. I love your snowmen. They have such personality. Visiting in FL, so we're missing the cold and snow, well, not missing it, just not there to endure it.

  5. So much to look at, think upon and listen to in this lovely post. Love your sweet little snowmen. I love each sweet expression. Enjoy your hand stitching.

  6. Your snowman quilt is adorable. And YAY I can comment on you blog now!

  7. Jocelyn - wise words indeed. I avoid news as much as I can. Every few days I just ask my hubby if there is anything I need to know about ...

  8. Yay, I can now comment using good old plain Google! Enjoyed the beautiful Yo-Yo Ma music and your charming Bonhommes en chapeaux with their falling snow-like backgrounds.

  9. More and more I avoid the news. I just can't stomach it- your wise words are perfect. I seem to only remember my reusablegrocery bags in the car half the time. I'm trying. When I cut into a FQ because it's "perfect" for a current project, I think "I'm gonna regret this later". I haven't yet. heehee.

  10. I can't ever look at certain people on the news... total avoidance. I hope the tolerance movement helps to balance the ick movement a certain person has promoted. Anyway, I am happy to see that quote from the Bible. Reminding me this issue has been around a long time and we've survived. The little snow-people... so adorable. I'm late to the party but here!

  11. I love that Bible verse. Sometimes we tend to dwell on all the wrong in the world and neglect to see the good. I am thankful every day for what God has provided. Love the hearts in your heading.

  12. Wise words can be so easily twisted...
    Truth cannot be avoided. Worse is to turn to lies for comfort

    it is not outright mean people you should beware of, or scary things in the news that you'd want not to dwell on.
    You have to discern and be careful of what you approve of, call praiseworthy,or noble and let into your life, recommending to others...
    Because a lot of negative things are disguised as good, and there's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing...

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