Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Fitness To Do, Apple Muffins, We Still Miss Someone, Fire Starter

 I do carry with me all the time the feeling that this time is invaluable, precious even and therefore I must make the most of it. Perhaps at night watching our bit of t.v. is when I can shrug off the "every moment must be productive" feeling. I grew up with a father who often said "to labour is to live" and it must have sunk in deep with me. 

 I have a long list of things to get started/continued/done this week.  Here are a few of them.

 Continuing the research into the topic of fitness for my age.  In particular, this week the focus is on improving my balance. I wasn't surprised to read that Vitamin D is important for muscle strength btw which in turn, affects balance.  Falls can be killers for older folks but it's proven that exercising can help. I tried all of these in the video and if you know of another video or something you are doing for balancing, please let me know.

 Trying to keep my diet healthy too, of course, as I've said before, is a given. I do like treats though. I made this recipe for Healthy Apple Cheddar Muffins and they are very good. 

I feel a need to write more and write better. The new journal, perhaps because it is a gift that I really want to use, is helping with this.

I have these peaches I must use. A cobbler maybe??  Any ideas?

To Begin/ Started

I'm going to repot the outside plants that I plan to overwinter indoors.  I'm looking forward to having an indoor garden again. Something green while the outside world turns white.

One night some little critter munched on the Christmas Cactus on the right till it was down to this.  But left the other one completely alone. That's a mystery.

Time in the sewing room which means time with the sewing machine.  I have been doing a lot of hand work just lately so it was time to break it up with some machine stitching. The Easy Hexagon Stars project is growing though so happy about that.

 I'm plugging away on the Flower Garden table cloth.  Pat mentioned to me that Wendy at Wendy's Quilts and More had a video on how to handle so many points in one meeting place.  I watched it before but it was time to check it out again. Very helpful. Hand piecing stars with 8 points-that very middle bit is the issue.

I've been starting a fire in our fireplace each morning. It has a Jotul stove insert so can throw off a nice heat.  It reminds me of the mornings at the farm when I did the same thing and enjoyed that small warming ritual to start the day.  I hope to keep it up. 

Rex and Murphy in front of the stove at the farm. Miss our loyal big guy so much. 😢 Neither of us can mention his name.

But meanwhile for this week, try to be like this Rudbeckia that is still thriving in the garden though getting a little worse for wear looking...stay strong, outlast and try to spread a little joy if you can

Hope your week is a good one! Join me on Thursday when I ask the question "Am I too old for April Cornell?"

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  1. Hi Jocelyn! Oh, that morning fire looks so pretty. I can just feel the heat and can understand why the pups were drawn to it. Does Murphy still enjoy laying there? I'm sure he misses his brother, too. {{Hugs}} I can't even imagine why one cactus was munched on while the other was ignored. That is ODD. Oh yes, I definitely need to work on my balance. I'll check out the video you've shared. Good luck with your project for the week and thanks for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Must try those balancing exercises, Jocelyn. I've already used posture tutorials from these guys. A week ago I tripped and still have a sore ribcage. Any aid to an increasingly fragile body like mine is appreciated.

  3. I looked at the video and they have some helpful exercises don't they and easy to listen to. no idea for the peaches I never got into making much with fruit and hubby is so picky, doesn't like much other than apples. I would probably do the peach cobbler though if it was for me. The fireplace looks so good and cozy I'm glad we are not to that point yet though, windows are open this morning for second day running and getting to that time of year when the A/C will only be needed for afternoons to evening for a couple more weeks and the windows will be open all morning - then in a couple more weeks all day and night.

  4. Exercise is sure important. Okay, I think peach cobbler is wonderful and it tastes as good as it looks!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the balance you tube. It's something I've needed to start doing.

  6. Ooh, Jocelyn -- your hexagon stars look breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing the video with the Lemoyne star tips, too. I bought a kit recently that tells you to do fused applique stars in the alternate blocks (icky!) and I'm planning to piece Lemoyne stars for those blocks instead. I've bookmarked the video so I can find it again when I am ready to tackle that NewFO!

  7. Hi Jocelyn,
    I have balance problems some days. Mine is caused by my ears...and my Cane helps a lot with that. Your muffin looks yummy and Peach Pie anyone? Your Hexagon quilt is coming along nicely...love all the different colors. Your stove area looks so warm and comfy...it was a little cold in our house this morning...didn't have a fire though. But I'm sure it's coming. Love the Rudbeckia...so pretty...have a great day!

  8. Improving my balance, that rung a chord with me. I've been having a few problems too lately and the doc just told me I should exercise more. It's no use thinking "at my age?" because like a lot of us I spend a lot of time sitting at the sewing machine so dont really walk around an awful lot. Good on you for walking around your lovely property with Murphy each day, that must surely help. Your hexie stars are looking good.

  9. Thanks for the apple cheddar muffin recipe. We will definitely try that. My balance is still fine. There are a couple of spots when I am out birding when I need to use stepping stones across a brook and have no problems. Up until a couple of years ago I also made a short crossing over a stream on a downed tree trunk but that has been replaced by a basic little bridge.

  10. That fire looks cozy. I had an insert in my first house and loved watching it at night. Glad the video helped. No help on the balance but stretching and easy yoga help the muscles. Peach cobbler sounds yummy...

  11. That fire looks and sounds so inviting .

  12. Another lovely, thoughtful post. Would love to snuggle those pups, who look very contented by that warm fire. Maybe after munching the one cactus, there was no room for the other? Anyway, glad that one survived! Pretty quilt blocks!

  13. Jocelyn - I think I inherited the same "work ethic" from my Dad. Even when I am watching TV, I am doing something! We have a favorite salad that normally uses nectarines, but you could use peaches instead. Rocket or mixed greens with prosciutto, melon, crumbled blue cheese with a balsamic dressing. We are not quite ready for fires yet, but it's not far off!

  14. I like your philosophy about time and how we use it; good thoughts. I've noticed since we moved out here "in the country", my balance is not what it used to be. We have a two-level deck with stairs, and I fell at least twice on it. We are looking forward to no steps in the new house. ;)
    If you Google "Pastry Queen peach cobbler" you should find my favorite way to deal with peaches. I grew up with Granny making peach cobbler, which was simply her delicious crust enlarged to accommodate a big pan, but I love the Pastry Queen's recipe!

  15. Great tutorial, I am going to try it.
    It sure is important to keep in shape. We have a program on tv each morning that does a 20 minute show with all kinds of steps and moves. I like doing that each day, it makes me feel better.
    And much needed too, because quilting will keep us sitting down to much.
    Love the stove, we have a jotul too, love it! Still to warm to put it on here but in a few weeks it will probably be possible.
    Happy stitching!

  16. How I wish we had a fireplace here because that morning fire would be such a comfort. As for that work ethic - I'm the same way. I simply cannot sit and do nothing. Even if it's just reading a book at least it's something. My days are spent in my sewing room and the evenings in front of the TV with Resident Chef, but I rarely am actually watching the tv - usually I'm knitting or crocheting or reading. My hands must be busy.

  17. I think about balance, too, these days - will have to watch that video. The yellow flowers are so pretty! I also love seeing your progress with the hexagon star quilt project - pretty brights against the gray background. I still miss our dog who has been gone since 1999, so I surely understand your feelings about your furry friend!

  18. Hmmm. Lots of good bits here. I'd go for peach pie, but cobbler is good too. Thanks for the link to the balance video. I do need to get more exercise, especially since I'm not gardening as much. I wouldn't discard the eaten Christmas cactus. It should send out new leaves from the joints. But very odd that they only ate one. My begonias and zinnias are looking very good right now, but I just saw the nighttime temps are going to be in the low 30's this weekend for three nights in a row, so that means the house plants need to come in which to me is several weeks too early. Ugh, I hate getting rid of the spiders lurking in the plants.
    Your hexie project is coming along nicely.

  19. Weight bearing exercise is great. I try to walk 20 minutes or so every day. I wait til later in the evening so it is cool enough... I haven't figured out when I'll walk once the heat of summer is gone. Hubby actually grilled a peach for us the other day. It was good but just eating a peach out of hand works too.

  20. Well, for me, I can't even sit and watch TV without doing something with my hands LOL You are being very productive and I love your large hexagons.

  21. Good balance is so important as we age. A fire is such a cheery thing....love the photo of your doggos taking advantage. Losing them is so hard. Those peaches look delish! Lovely sewing also x


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