Monday 27 November 2023

Scrappy Appliqued Needle Book, Monday Music, Recipe Plans

I've had to crack a window in the living area this morning. This at the risk of letting in the below freezing air outside that put frost on my pumpkin this morning. 

But the air inside seemed a little smokey when I came in from my walk certainly in contrast to all the brisk freshness outside. I enjoy everything about my morning ritual of starting the fire in the fireplace stove.

 I also enjoy picking up sticks on my walks, ones just right for stage two of layering up the perfect fire. This is about the only thing I know I could do well if I were a contestant on that show Alone. Tony thinks my biggest challenge would be not getting lost in the woods; he thinks I could make the perfect camp with shelter and fire, etc. But in wandering in the woods, never find my way back to it. I told him one of the contestants had prepared for this issue and as part of her allowed gear, she wore a huge hand knit sweater which she unravelled and used the wool to mark her paths through the woods. So, see, there are ways around everything. And a plus for hand knitting too which will be a necessary post apocalyptic skill, imo.

This morning's music...I like Paul Simon's singing voice though I always think it is tinged with sadness. His words often are.

 "Like a memory, it falls"...Kathy's Song

My mind is all over the place today. I just wrote down that I want to buy puff pastry and use it for meat rolls using ground beef. I used to use this a lot back in the days of dinner parties especially when I made a Beef Wellington type roast. I also used puff pastry in desserts. Somehow it has fallen by the wayside and I haven't even thought of it in ages.  Do you have something like this that you used to cook and have forgotten about?

Anyway here is the recipe, Meat and Veggie Wellington Roll, I plan on using...Taste Great Foodie. I'll let you know how that works out.

Meanwhile, I've been stitching of course. I've been finishing the final side of binding on the Christmas Coins quilt. Going to get that November OMG done!

And I enjoyed finishing the little Winter Needle book that was an aside project as it were. I got a Kick out of sewing the White Snowman and it will be a great place to Keep all my needles for a project in one place. That is instead of stabbed into the cloth like I've been Known to do.

It was fun to get out my button tin, the one inherited from the talented first wife. And to make a button enclosure for this one since it has "pages". 
I added a bigger pocket to the back flap. 
To match the smaller one at the front.
Also Fun to go through my small supply of embroidery wool and edge the "pages" in blanket stitch. I added a heart to the center to symbolize my love of stitching.  Not an original idea. From the talented Ann Wood who makes amazing needle books. Here is the link to Ann's Sweetest Needle book Free Pattern.
But I'm happy to say this whole project was made from scraps and all hand sewn except for these strips on the back. Note about the colours...the reds are showing more orange which they definitely are not. Happy to join Joy's November Tablescraps Party.
 I like keeping a needle book with each of the slow stitching projects...I've accumulated the gear, nothing fancy mind you, now to be able to kit out each one. 
I've a bunch of things to get done, paperwork-ugh, change the bed...Tony has requested flannel sheets now and play with this guy. Another way he keeps me moving...Giving me the eye here just staring at me, signaling let's go. 
So another week begins!



Nancy said...

Your pumpkin looks beautiful coated in frost. I always think it's too bad there's not a way to save frost....
Gosh, I haven't listened to Paul Simon for years. I love his voice, too, and appreciate how he enunciates every word so clearly. There's a melancholy about "Kathy's Song," don't you think?
Your needle book is fun.
OH, Ned. Such expressive eyes.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The blanket stitch sets things off beautifully! Good stitching there. Lost in the woods? I suspect you might not be alone for long. You'll probably run into me wandering around.
Have a great week!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such a pretty frosty pumpkin. That is one thing that I do not like about wood fires in the house that slight smokey smell - it gets my allergies every time. I rarely use the fire in the house because of the allergies and because the front of the house gets too hot and the back of the house too cold.
Such a pretty dog

Nancy J said...

"Alone", we are up to Season 9 down here, and I marvel at their skills, inner will power and the way they all adapt to the isolation. I have also been watching Alone UK where some 12? contestants get dropped into North Canada. Then UK Australia, where they were in Tasmania. This last one, the isolation and the fact they missed their families so much, one lady lasted maybe 2 days!!! Neither of the other series (The UK one or Tassie one) had contestants that were so prepared, and had skills in their everyday lives that gave them the capacity to be out there. I would struggle too,the scary night sounds would be the worst.Winter sheets, they do make a huge difference.We have had such changeable days, cold nights, then too warm, roll on summer, I say.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Look at that pumpkin - that quite a coating of frost! After that frosty photo, your fire looks very inviting, Jocelyn. The meat and veggies Wellington roll sounds delicious! I've never tried making anything like that. The little needle book is adorable- I love all the fun stitches and added details you put into it. Hope you enjoyed a walk with Ned today!

Karen said...

I always made my puff pastry from scratch. It isn't difficult, but it IS time consuming. Last year my daughter told me to get the real butter puff from NoFrills/Loblaws. I'll not be making scratch puff again. It is first rate stuff.
I desperately need a Christmas table runner, but the gift knitting is falling behind. It take priority. Maybe if I whine enough about it my very talented daughter will get the hint and make me one!

Jackie said...

It has been dreary here all day, so sewing was not as enjoyable as usual. Still I got a bit completed which makes me happy, lots more to do though.

Love your little needle book.

God bless.

Susie H said...

Good for you, Jocelyn. Monday means new beginnings. Enjoy those walks, it keeps you young and clears the head which I'm sure Ned is in agreement! Sweet needlebook.

PaintedThread said...

Ooh - frosty pumpkin! Hard to get cozier than a fire. :-) Puff pastry - there's a bunch of food and recipes that I seem to cycle through. They get set aside for years, and I come across something that jogs my memories and I have to go hunting for the recipe again! Ned's a cutie!

Linda said...

Your little needle book is darling! Ned is so cute giving your the "let's walk" eye. Our youngest dog just peed on the turf in the enclosed patio - second time in just a few days, so I'm jealous of your well behaved puppy. We think that he thinks it's grass. Well it kind of is. ;) Yum on puff pastry anything - it always makes any dish so elegant and tasty.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a wonderful needle book for your K and/or W entry for November's ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge! You added some really fun details to it, Jocelyn. Thanks SEW much for joining the Link Party!

piecefulwendy said...

I love the little needle book. Ann's patterns are so much fun. I'm not sure I could build a fire, much less find my way back to camp. I'd not last long, I don't think. I could unravel the sweater, but not re-knit it. LOL. Neddy looks ready to go - what a handsome guy!

Angela said...

Your pumpkin looks so pretty! I will have to look for that show. I have never heard of it before this. I would never make it alone in the woods!

grammajudyb said...

Enjoyed every bit of your post, from the frosty pumpkin to Ned’s pleading eyes! I don think I’ve ever used puff pastry, but I’d like to try. If you give that recipe a thumbs up, I’ll give it a try! Love, love, love the idea of a needle book for every project. And your WINTER needle book to KEEP your needles handy is a WINNER in my book!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I envy you that wonderful fire although, if we were allowed, I'd also appreciate either an electric or a gas version too. Sadly, apartment life doesn't allow it. We could, technically, have an electric version but there's no space to put it.
I love your wee needlebook and had to check out Ann Wood's version too. She creates such lovely things, doesn't she.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Wow, Jocelyn! That frosty pumpkin is beautiful. It just glistens!! Your puppy looks so cute begging for some attention. The little needle minder with the snowman on the front is fantastic. Great job! Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings!

Michelle said...

The pumpkin looks beautiful. I miss our wood stove...smoky smell or not:) Thanks for linking up.