Friday, 8 May 2015

Beating The Sugar Habit and Winter is Dead; Long Live Summer

Today fighting the usual demons, in particular sloth and gluttony, which are sins but thankfully not mortal ones or a lot of folks would be in serious trouble.  I have my reasons for the sloth; if you have tried keeping up with an 18 month old recently for a couple of days, then you will understand.  The next day you deserve a little slothfulness.  So I have earned the sloth one but no excuse at all for the gluttony.  Just seems some days are hungrier than others.  I just try to keep myself busier on those days or else I would live in the light of the fridge combing the shelves for munchies.

My new favourite apples...Pink Ladies, very crisp and sweet. They also tend to be a larger apple which makes for a more filling snack.

Lunch often and I have to say this is filling...pita bread with peanut butter and banana.  I've eaten an orange just about every day this winter; this is a blood orange.

I  read recently that 60% of women suffer from TAT.  What is that you ask?  It is Tired All the Time Syndrome. Would you happen to be one of the 60% ? In this house though, it is Hubby who has mild TAT. We are in a discussion about iron.  I posed a concern because we eat very little red meat which means his iron levels could be depressed.  He understood old folks don't need extra iron.  We will have to do a little research.

Something I am trying hard to curb...sugar in my coffee and tea...still working on it.  I decided to use the half teaspoon to remind myself of how much sugar I was using.  I am now good with the half.  I know my tastebuds are finally adjusting because one day out and about, I absentmindedly put a whole packet of sugar in my coffee and I couldn't drink it...too sweet.  But you know what, this process has taken me almost a year.  Talk about old habits dying hard.

I am happy to show you brave daffodils;  poor things were above ground but unopened for about a week.  One day of warmth and sun and finally like gardening magic....
                                           What a welcome sight!

"She turned to the sunlight
And shook her pretty head,
And whispered to her neighbour:

      "Winter is dead."

                       A.A. Milne

Good grief sure hope so.  Since writing this, I just heard of snow falling out in Alberta.  Fingers crossed it is not heading our way.