Wednesday, 13 May 2015

"I Like Yellow Things" too

I must show you the trail that was winter white just several weeks ago.

As usual Rex, though leading the way,  keeps a close eye on us.

The instant 'greening' of the forest floor is thanks to one plant, the Trout Lily which sprouts a yellow lily-like flower. It is also known as Adder's Tongue and though this looks like dense ground cover, you can see up close it is all separate plants.  There are masses of them along the trail  and the yellow flower is very pretty and the leaf is mottled, one of its identifying features.

Further along, we go over the moss covered tree across the path that's lain there for years.

  I always feel a little ping seeing it because in her later years this is where our Lady Lacie, the Dalmatian, would decide she couldn't go any further.  I wrote a post about Lacie and what Hubby went through when we lost her.  You can read that here....  All About Lacie

I filled one of the feeders with Nyger seed just to help out the finches.  They love it and I can count another lovely yellow thing that's brightening my world right now.

Here are the American Goldfinches changing into their summer lemon plumage.  Little beauties.

"I Like Yellow Things", which was my post title,  it turns out, is a song. Yellow is not my favourite colour but this song made me realize how many wonderful things are yellow and I love all of them.  You can listen to The Song on Youtube Here.