Monday, 25 May 2015

Serenity in Stitching Still

A little stitching update....

My first embroidered flowers on my Hazel's Summer Wildflower quilt project...

The counted cross stitch wren and magnolias are mostly finished, as I've said before.  I had a moment of panic when I realized I had mixed up the slate blue, sea blue and stone blue.  Had to wait for broad daylight to sort that out. I'm still diligently filling in all the single strand half cross stitch in light gray and there is quite a lot of it.

You can see from the filled in blocks how my progress has been.

I finally figured out how to rig up my pattern onto my floor light so it wasn't all slipping around in my lap.  This is my Ikea light I bought 7 years ago for about $20.  It has been one of my best purchases for sure.

  This set-up has been working like a charm for me.  I realize you can buy professional tools for this such as the one below I found on, but I couldn't work out exactly where it can be purchased.  I must keep it in mind.  Like a good carpenter, I do believe in having the right tools for the right job.


Both of these projects have been giving me a lot of enjoyment.  I'm usually busy all morning and look forward to the afternoon and a couple of uninterrupted hours of stitching.  It is sublime.
And I must let you know that I am going on a train trip (my favourite) and won't be back with you till next week.  I haven't traveled anywhere in almost a year so I am pretty excited.
Hope there is something sublime in your week.