Monday, 18 May 2015

Free Quilters' Patterns

I love reading about quilts and quilters on the internet.  There are so many! It is inspiration and an education quite often too.  I usually take special note of the sites that offer free patterns; yes, I have a notebook for that.  Here are three from my recent forays around the web.

At The Quilters Cache you will find just about any quilt pattern you could want in Marcia Hohn's free Quilt Blocks Galore section.  In the middle of home page there is a drop down bar that asks where  do you want to go; there you  find a complete site offering patterns, tutorials, how-tos, a series of 7 lessons for the beginner and of course, a link to the free patterns pages.
These patterns caught my eye but there are many, many more free blocks to choose from.

This one is called Sailboats and I loved the simple yet effective design. I think this would make a wonderful quilt.  Anyone who is good at triangle points would like this one. The idea of  patchwork sailboats is an old one and it is one of those blocks that has been modernized with many contemporary versions available.  I wonder would a quilt with all the different sailboat forms be interesting and pleasing.

Basket of Chips Pattern

I confess to being very fond of basket designs; there are so many and this is one of the traditional blocks like Sailboats that has been modernized with many contemporary versions now available. I would love to do a quilt using all the different basket designs you can find.  Again, the challenge would be to get the triangle points perfect but I do think it would make a fantastic quilt.
While I was at the Quilters Cache I checked out the Gallery section where readers send Marcia photos of their quilts. Just beautiful.
Marcia does host a small store on this site and I'll mention the very beautiful Baltimore Treasures quilt available as 25 appliqued blocks patterns that is for sale in that section.

At McCalls Quilting  you will find a professional site loaded with information for the quilter.  Go to Blocks and Patterns on the Home page navigation bar and it leads you to a Pattern Index with seven different categories ... vintage, modern, men's, kids, patriotic, seasonal and contemporary.  All the patterns are free and here are two that I liked.

Double Pinwheel Wall Hanging

This is a design for a wall hanging called Double Pinwheel.  I'm also fond of Pinwheel patterns in all their forms maybe because they are fairly easy to sew and make a wonderful (and more complicated looking) display.

Rainbow Hearts: FREE Quilt Block Pattern.

This pretty design is called Rainbow Hearts.  I was able to download the Pdf file for it no problem. It is termed a Beginner level project and I think it is very sweet.  I know hearts are very popular as a quilting motif and I never tire of looking at  them myself.

Another great site offering free designs is Ludlow Quilt and Sew which is a UK site named after a town in England.  This site has the distinction of offering videos made by Rose Smith to go with each free pattern so you really have great support.  Again on their Home page navigation bar, go to the Free Quilt and Sew Patterns section, click it and another bar drops down with all the different categories such as quilts, table runners, baby quilts, etc.  Under quilts I found the following.

This Medallion quilt- as- you go block caught my eye.  It seems like it would be fairly easy.  The video is quite good and is one of the better ones explaining the quilt as you go process that I've watched..

Medallion quilt as you go pattern

As did the pattern called Prairie Flower below.

Prairie flower quilt

I would also like to call your attention to another section on the Home page navigation bar and that is Quilting For Beginners.  There are numerous articles, tutorials, etc. for the new quilter, a wonderful resource.
I also liked the section featuring a quilt block pattern for each (I think) American state.
Here is the block for Illinois

Kansas quilt block

I can't help but think what a wonderful time we live in to be able to have the internet with all its amazing resources literally at our fingertips.  I just love it.